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Disease or curse, there is no affliction more notorious than vamprism. Some brush it off as merely legend while others know the truth, that vampires have been a plague since the dawn of time.

Transmission & Vectors

The most famous and incorrect assumption on how to contract vamprism is to be bitten by an existing vampire. Not all vampire victims will turn into vampires; is in fact often up to the decision of the vampire whether or not it’s victims will contract his condition. To do this the existing vampire must transfer some of its own blood into the recipient. This can either be forced upon the victim or taken willingly by the recipient.   There are some cases of magical artifacts or locations capable of transferring vamprism. One such artifact was a stone knife, recorded by the Triskelion in 156 ER, that when plunged into its victim would grant the wounded party vamprism. In 230 R the Triskelion reported a "red spring" in the canyons north of Illivan that when it’s waters were imbibed the drinker would a contract vamprism. While there are a number of these types of infectious objects, many have been destroyed by the Keepers of True Faith before they could be analyzed/recorded by the Triskelion.


Though no confirmed source of the disease has been found, and ancient Elven myth tells of a creature resembling what is considered to be a proto-vampire. The myth tells of a dark cloud chased from the land of faeries by a pack of wolves. When the wolves finally cornered the cloud it flew into one of the wolves causing it to twist and mutate. Oral history of the elves repeat a large wolf like creature attacking in the night; it’s victims grew pale and would begin to crave blood. After a period of presumed recovery, the victims would often kidnap another villager and escape never to be seen again.   Triskelion scholars debate if this dark cloud from Elven legend could be the original pathogen that spread into vamprism. Theologians often site that the wolf is a symbol of Ozark, whose ideals include the purging of aberrations from nature.


Vamprism is often noted by pale skin, gaunt faces, and elongated appendages. It is thought that "Higher Vampires" are able to conceal their attributes allowing them to hide among a population. Vampires are known to be unable to make contact with items made of silver. To do so would cause the vampire great pain, but will not induce death. Wounds inflicted by silver items will not heal easily.   Rumors and legends also state that one infected with them prison are unable to:
  • Cross running water
  • Enter buildings without invitation
  • Consume certain foods such as garlic.
  •   These rumors are have been unable to be confirmed due to the limited research of living specimens.


    There are few known cures for vamprism. In many cases it is stated that destroying the vampire that created the suspect will cure him of his vamprism. Those of the church claim to be able to cure vamprism through long and intensive prayer ritual’s. However, recordings of these rituals often end in failure due to improper restraints of the vampire.


    Once one is infected with vamprism they will never recover unless acted on by outside forces. Those who have contracted the condition often find themselves subject of communal aggression typically ending in their death.


    Vampires are often cited by their diet consisting of drinking fresh blood. Recordings stating that depriving a vampire from consuming blood, human or otherwise, will result in the subject acquiring a heightened aggression.
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