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Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Oz is lean muscled like a farm hand. His entirely black features combined with always being surrounded by his shadow makes his facial features hard to distinguish if you aren't looking directly at him. This does nothing to help him with anonymity though because he's basically the only person walking around looking like a living shadow.

Body Features

Oz is friend shaped.

Identifying Characteristics

pitch black skin and a shadow cast in all directions

Apparel & Accessories

Oz usually wears a black shirt with black pants and a brightly colored jacket. His current jacket is yellow.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Oz is the child of a human father and a grue mother, it's best not to think about that. His skin, hair, and eyes are black as shadow and he casts a shadow in all directions regardless of the light around him. When he was young he lived with his father on a farm far from villages. His father was worried about how most humans would treat him. When he was 15 the farm was attacked by a coven of hags. They killed his father and captured him.The hags used him to test their spells and potions. When he was 17 the hags attached something to him that they had summoned from another plane to see what it would do. At first it appeared to do nothing. Disappointed the hags through him in his cage.   Later that night Oz heard a small voice. "Hello, my name is Thrill. What's yours?" Oz looked around cautious and confused. He heard the voice again. "Hey down here." He looked down at his hands and a black ichor began to bubble out of his skin forming a mass of veins, sinew, and muscle. It spoke again, "My name is Thrill. Do you have a name? Can you speak?" It was that thing the hags had put in him. It didn't seem evil. It just seemed curious. Cautiously he answered, "My name is Oz." "Hello Oz!" It replied. Oz shushed it. "Don't let them here you. If they realize whatever they did worked they'll come back." "Who?" Thrill asked. "Those hags the ones who keep me in this cage." "Ahhh," Thrill said knowingly "I think I can help you with that. I can give you the power to get out of here, even to kill them if you want. In return I'll just need a place to live." "If you can get me out of here and kill those hags you can stay here. I don't want to live in this place." Thrill chuckled, "No Oz, I can't just live in this hut. You see, I don't have much of a body here. To give you the power that you need I'll need to use your body" "You can't have my body. What's the point of getting out of here if I don't have a body afterwards." "Oz, I don't want to take you body from you. I want to share it with you. You will still be yourself and have control over you actions. I just want to be along for the ride. It's so boring on my plane, there's nothing to do there, but you and I could have so much fun together." Oz didn't trust this thing but whatever it had planned he didn't really care, as long as he got out of here and had his chance to avenge his father, "Okay." "Okay what Oz? This is a contract. You need to be specific." "Okay, you can use my body in exchange for giving me the power to avenge my father." "Excellent, we are going to have so much fun together Oz."   With that the ichor sank back into his skin and he felt like his insides were boiling while his skin froze. After what felt like hours passed the feeling suddenly stopped. This time Thrill’s voice was in his head. “Good, all settled in. Now for my end of the bargain. I’m going to help you control it just this first time but it isn’t going to last long.” Oz suddenly felt power inside of him, physical strength, magical energy, and an understanding of how to use it. Oz stood as much as his cramped cage would allow and took a step. He vanished into mist and reappeared outside the cage. He stood there a moment stunned at what he had just done and still surprised that he understood how he had done it. Thrill’s voice came to him again time under strain and with barely contained laughter “Quickly Oz, You’re holding more power than you’ll be able to again for some time.” So Oz went to the hags main room where they were brewing another potion and attacked. He made short work of the first 2 with increased speed and the claws that had sprouted from his fingers. He killed another with a quick series of Eldritch Blasts and the last two he killed by summoning black tentacles from the ground beneath them. All the while Thrill’s giggling in his head had turned to manic laughter.   With the crones dead Oz took a stick from the fire pit and lit the hut. Thrill’s laughter had returned to giggling. “Wasn’t that fun Oz? We should keep going. Are there more?” “I… I can't remember right now.” Exhaustion was beginning to settle in. “I don't think I saw the leader… oh this is bad Thrill.” Oz stumbled, his limbs felt numb; he was beginning to lose consciousness. “Nope, can’t let you drop here if she’s coming back.” Oz felt a shock of cold run through his body. Suddenly he felt more awake, not much but he wasn't about to fall over now. “Okay one last bit but any more and you’ll probably die anyway.” Oz’s feet drifted off the ground. He was flying! “Away, quickly Oz. We can have more fun with the last one later.” Oz flew away. He wasn’t sure where he was going; he just wanted to be as far from the burning hag’s hut as possible when the leader returned.   When Oz returned to the ground his entire body was numb. He was shivering and his newfound power and knowledge was gone. He stumbled into a cluster of bushes and as he was losing consciousness he heard Thrill say “We are going to have so much fun together.”     Oz and the Dream Demon     With a shaky hand, the bartender moves the ale to you, swishing some of the drink onto your hands. “Sorry ‘bout that. I haven’t been able to sleep, but none of us have.” He motions to the room full of patrons who all have tired eyes, resting their chins into their palms, longingly staring off into the distance. “People are saying that every time someone tries to sleep, just before they can nod off, something whispers to them asking for a price to allow them to dream.” The bartender rubs their eyes and leans in to whisper, “Last night, I swear something told me that I didn’t have their permission to dream unless I gave them my sons teeth.” He tries to place his hand on yours, desperation coming to his eyes. “It’s a curse, right? A demon?”     Thrill was beginning to get excited “Ohhh Oz, do we get to have fun now? Maybe it’s her this time.” Muttering under his breath Oz responded “Yeah Thrill, we can have some fun here.” Oz had been wandering the countryside side chasing rumors of something interfering in peoples dreams. “You’re sure that I can get far enough into the dream realm to hurt her without getting trapped right?” “Oh yeah definitely or maybe, probably. We can’t really know until you try. You should just do it. It’ll be fun.” “We’ve got no choice but to try now, I guess. We’re already here.” The bartender looked at Oz with concern on his face. “You talkin’ to yerself son?” “Maybe a little,” Oz responded. “We could all do with a bit more sleep I guess.” “True enough” the bartender left Oz with his ale.   Later that night Oz was laying in a bed at the inn muttering the incantation that Thrill had been coaching him in. Thrill was not currently being helpful as he was giggling with excitement at the prospect of finding her. “This is going to be so much fun Oz. Do you remember when we met, how much fun we had killing the rest of them?” “You aren't helping Thrill. I need to concentrate.” Thrill giggled a little more “No you don’t. I was just having a little fun with you. All you need is for me to push you a bit”   Oz was suddenly standing in darkness surrounded by mist. Thrill was laughing louder now. “Wonderful, a week of memorizing an incantation for nothing.” “Come on Oz, that was the best prank I’ve pulled on you in a while. Your face when I pushed you in was priceless.” “You can’t see my face from inside me.” “I can feel it and it was priceless.”   Oz suddenly felt immense pain in his head. Then it attacked him with it’s claws tearing into his side. “Och fucking shit, what is THAT!?” “Ummm I'm not sure but it’s definitely not her.” Oz cast haste on himself then attacked it with his own claws managing two hits. “Oh let’s kill it. It’ll be fun.” “Working on it Thrill. It would help if I knew what it was.” “Oh yeah, it’s uhhh a Dream Eater! That’s what it was.” “That's a dream eater?” The dream eater psychically attacked him again following up with both claws. The psychic attack didn't hit this time but the claws did. “Ouch, That’s I’m getting some distance on this thing.” Oz Disengaged then sprinted away from it. “You’re going the wrong way Oz.” “I can kill it from back here. I don’t need to be standing right next to it.” Yeah I guess but it’s not as fun.” The dream eater screeched as it tried to catch up to Oz and threw out another psychic attack. This one hit but not hard. Oz continued to move away from the creature keeping his distance but turning around every couple seconds to fire a few eldritch blasts. “Wait I thought you said those things couldn't do that psychic attack on someone who’s awake” “You aren’t awake Oz; You're in the dream realm. You have to be asleep to be here.” Oz was Far away enough now that the dream eater had to rush to keep up with him. The dream eater was still in Oz’s range though. He fired a few more shots, all of them connecting. “Maybe I’d be better off flying.” “Nah, he can fly too. If you want to be boring about it you can just keep running away and shooting. This place basically goes on forever.” “Noted.” After Oz adopted this tactic he was able to remain out of the dream eater’s range and keep it within his reach long enough to kill it.   “Well that could have gone worse,” Oz said. “It could have gone better if you would have let it hit you a few more times.” Thrill groused. “Do you want me to die Thrill?” “Of course not, but you could have stayed in a little longer to make it more interesting.” "No thanks, Thrill. I enjoy having limbs too much.” Thrill paused then said, “I don't think this is what was whispering to people” Oz looked around, “What do you mean?” “I mean,” thrill replied, “that those things don't usually whisper to people before they’re asleep or offer them deals.” Oz readied his magic for another attack then he heard her ragged voice. “You’ve killed my newest pet, child.” Oz turned around to see her, Ursa Sangrey, the leader of the coven that killed his father and took him. He fired an eldritch blast at her and ran straight for her. The attack missed and she gave a croaking chuckle, “Not yet my child, soon but not yet.” She raised her hand and cast a sleep spell. Oz’s steps slowed and he fell to his knees. Before he drifted off she whispered to him. “I will move on from here. I can't have you just staying here and trying again night after night.”   Oz woke in his bed in the inn room. Thrill greeted him with “Well it looks like you blew your chance.” What?” Oz replied. “She was right there and you couldn’t kill her, no fun at all honestly.” “She got away,” Oz lamented. He stood up, got dressed, and went down to the common room for breakfast. The inn keeper called to him, “Hey kid.” “Kid?” Oz muttered to thrill, “is he talking to me.” “Must be, he’s looking right at you.” Oz went over to the innkeeper. The innkeeper looked at him then asked “What did you do?” “What?” Oz asked. “Yer weird, kid,” The innkeeper explained, “Ya walk in here talkin’ to yerself like you're carrying on a conversation with someone who ain’t there, an’ my assistant Annalise, she’s started studyin’ magic at the college in the city, she tells me you reek o’ magic.” “I’m sure lots of people who come through here have some magic with them,” Oz replied, “You’re not too far from the city.” “True,” The innkeeper said, “but you’re the magic guy who wandered in here after months of no one bein’ able to sleep, talkin’ to people about their sleep. Then the night ya stay here me an’ my folk sleep like rocks and wake up rested for the first time any of us can remember. So, I’ll ask ya again. What did you do?” Oz considered for a moment then answered honestly. “I killed part of the problem then the other part ran away.” The innkeeper looked at Oz, gauging his honesty. “You think that part that ran away will come back?” the innkeeper inquired. “No, I don't think so.” Oz explained, “She lost her pet so she’s going to want a new one. She won’t find one here.” “She huh?” The innkeeper raised his eyebrow. “Well I’d like to thank ya for getting rid o’ that problem.” The innkeeper set a small bag of coins on the counter. “It ain’t much but hopefully it’ll help ya in yer travels.” Oz accepted the coins, thanked the innkeeper and left after his breakfast. “D’ ya think we’ll find er’ ‘gain” Thrill asked in an exaggerated imitation of the innkeeper. “Knock it off Thrill,” Oz chided, “he’s a good man.” Oz paused for a moment. “Yes, we’ll find her again. She wants us to.”


Oz likes the ladies.


Currently employed by Barron Dhymdorul to find who murdered his cousin.

Mental Trauma

never knew his mother, and watched his father be killed

Intellectual Characteristics

Oz is a fairly analytic thinker most of the time. The exception to this can come from either Thrill prodding him to do something or the involvement of a hag.

Morality & Philosophy

Kill hags and help people when you can.


Do NOT let a hag live.

Personality Characteristics


Oz's prime motivation is killing the hag that killed his father and kidnapped him, Ursa Sangrey.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes dangerous things (largely due to Thrill's influence)   Hates hags

Vices & Personality flaws

Oz tends to, at Thrills instance, put himself in dangerous situations that could have been avoided.


Oz keeps himself clean and wears no scents. Before joining the SoS he might smell like dirt and sweat as he was often traveling. Since joining he has been instructed to keep himself clean and wear no scents as, "you might be surprised how often someone is given away by an out of place scent."


Contacts & Relations

Oz is currently apprenticed under the Soldiers of Shame (thieves guild.) Oz is working directly for Baron Dhymdorul at the moment. Friends: Kythos (Berry), Jura, Dresmorlin, and Jarric

Social Aptitude

Oz likes people. His appearance is off putting to many but once they start talking with him they tend to like him.


Oz often appears to be muttering to himself when he is talking to thrill.

Completely black skin, eyes, and hair. Casts a shadow in all directions. Acts happy but has a haunted cast in his eyes.

View Character Profile
Chaotic Good
about 23
Date of Birth
Deep, Deep in the darkness under the earth
Current Residence
Black irisis, with black scalera
shaggy black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pitch black
Quotes & Catchphrases
"All hags must die" "No one should suffer like I did"
Known Languages
Common, Under Common, Abyssal, Dwarvish

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Investigate the barrons death

go speak with bob who handled the guest list   speak to the steward - Steward is magically crazy atm   see if the guild can have someone impersonate the baron long enough, possibly with the help of the steward, for us to find a way to revive him and his wife   Arkud (mountain dwarf) is impersonating the baron until we can revive him


barron and wife has been killed jarrick is getting clergy to revive them. main suspects are peter and baradon


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