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2nd of Yahzick Luna, 6654

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Welcome to the realm of Lanaria, the world has been at peace for many millenia since the last awakening of the Elemental Lord Pyroc. The land is divided between the Anero Souzar Alliance, Kingdom of Lanar and the Epire of Orcs, Tholstad. Rumblings have begun to surface in Tholstad as the orcs have begun to amass armies.   Now a thousand years has passed since the heroes, Austerre, Dresmorlin, Kythos, Haldric, and Oz destroyed Pyroc for good. Though the world didnt know how to survive without its heat source and fell into an ice age. Now the countries of the world have adapted to survive in this colder climate, magic no longer functions as it once did and the hope for heroes to save them from the darkness is dwindling.