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This is a common dish with the Elves, who often use both as an everyday dish and as a part of bigger feasts during autum. It is one of the most common foods sold in elven food stalls during The Equinox festivals (the autum festival). Depenting on if it's the main dish or a side dish or which village who makes it som ingredients gets swaped out and in. For example some villages prefer to put in insects such as beatles instead of tried meat, and some eat it with yeasted bread in sted of flatbread or some don't put meat in the pot but eat that or fish to it with steamed root bulbs. This is the most basic and common recipe.  


The shroompot
at least one basket of freshly picked shrooms
two stripes of dried meat
a bit of fat
a spoon of flour
half a small cup of water
a quater of a cup with eatible leafs, flowers, nuts or fruits
a childrens spoon of honey
a dash of salt and the herb of choice   The flatbread
1 cup of water
3 cups of flour
a dash of salt  

Cooking and serving

The shroompot
    1. cut the shrooms in slices and meat in small bits
    2. put the shrooms and meat in the pot with the fat and stir
    3. put inn the flour, salt and herbs and then the water and keep stirring
    4. put inn the leafs, nuts, frout or flowers and keep stirring
    5. lastly put in the honey and let it stay in the flames for a bit
  The flatbred
    1. mix the flour, salt and waterin a smoth mixture
    2. put the mixture on the heated flatstone and use the roling pin to flatten the mixture til about the thicknes of a nail
    3. let it get dry on the top side then use a stick to tur
    4. let it sit for a bit then take it of the flatstone and let it cool, when cooled break into smaller pieces
    5. store what isnt used in a cool dark place
  it is served warm in a bowl with the flatbread on the side sticking in at the side and eaten with the flatbread or a spoon
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
The shroompot
a pot
a ladle   The flatbread
roling pin
the heated flatstone
a flat, thin wooden skick

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