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Howling Wolves

The Howling Wolves Mercenaries is a mercenary guild based in the lands of Syfrany, the Storm Coast, and Lakonia. The Howling Wolves are used to fighting for the highest bidder, and are known throughout history to have some of the well-known fighters money can offer. However, if you double-cross them, you made yourself a target to one of the veteran guilds, and they will have their money, with or without you breathing.


  • Pack Master. The Pack Master is the head of the guild. The most experienced, most elite of the Wolves, the Pack Master is in charge for a reason. Anyone can issue a challenge for the title of Pack Master; however, the inexperienced will surely die within the first minute of the duel. Should the Pack Master die, then the Pack Leaders will choose from themselves who will take the title.

Never Fight Alone

Founding Date
447 GD (Golden Age)
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Controlled Territories

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