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The capital of Valthore is located at the juncture of the Iron Heart and Ash rivers


A monarchy controlled by the Valdore family, who founded the kingdom after the civil war with the empire of Do’Thelum


royal palace





The eastern portion of Valthorin was originally part of the Do'Thelum empire. When the Zil'Thand brothers' succession crisis escalated to a civil war General Marick Valdore fought for the elder brother, Tsarn. The younger brother, Adrian, sought the aid of the priests who declared the gods had anointed him. Suddenly the fight transformed into a holy war. The slaughter was horrendous as family members fought and killed one another. Both brother and their families were slain in battles and through assassinations.   In the end, General Valdore took Tsarn's infant son to the western provinces (what are now the Eastern Marches of Valthorin). The surviving heir of Adrian, a 6-year old girl, was under the protection of a council of priest from the various temples.   Despite Valdore's efforts, the son was assassinated. The murder was caught and confessed to being sent by the priests. Valdore published the confession among the populace sparking outrage in some of the population. Valdore's supporters persuaded him to succeed from Do'Thelum. He did so and formed the kingdom of Valthorin.   The priests, acting as regent to the crown were unable to immediately respond. The news of their assassination of a child sparked rebellions and uprisings in multiple towns and villages. During the quelling of the unrest, the heir of Adrian was murdered by one of her caretakers in vengeance for the murder of Tsarn's son. The council of priest declared a Theocratic rule by the gods and mercilessly punished all who resisted the new order   King Marick had not been idle. He sent envoys out to the villages to the west, what was previously considered the uncivilized wilderness. He recruited them to his kingdom and hired mercenaries from those he could not immediately persuade. When Do'Thelum came, he was ready. For twenty years, Valthorin fought and held against Do'Thelum. Finally, the Ecclesiastical Council was force to cease hostilities as they could no longer provide the men or resources to continue.
National Territory
varies through history. reaches 75,000 under King Ramone before the Chaos Wheel

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