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A world created by a pantheon of good deities. Two then rebelled and choose darker pursuits. Rather than destroy their creation in open war, the gods are bound by rituals, limiting what they can do outside their direct sphere of influence.   While the world exists, they all collect followers and grow stronger. Should a war erupt, they would cease to gain power. Therefore, they put up with minor setbacks that mark the ebb and flow in their eternal struggle.   The mortals of the world live their lives knowing eventually, they will go to the halls of the dead. When they do, they will be rewarded for their actions by the deities they pleased. If they have earned no gods favor, they risk punishment from the gods they angered.   The vilest mortals have given their souls to the Dark One. He created a realm of his own to receive those souls pledged to him. There, they are sheltered from the other gods but it is unclear if his realm is a better alternative to godly displeasure.   The world of the mortals seems ordinary. Dwarfs, Elves and Humans interact and live together in relative harmony. Other races exist, scattered through out Korrass, all living their lives as best they can. However, there is a darkness, normally hidden away from their lives. When it makes itself known, it shakes the fabric of society leaving behind turmoil that can last for generations.