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Once in a while, for no apparent reason, a person is born with the ability of gather information about events that are to come (or not). It's never conclusive.   Just like other perception related conditions, this can manifest in different ways from person to person. The most common being:
  • Images
  • Dreams
  • Hallucinations
  • Ideas
  • Cultural Reception

    Being such an uncommon skill, with so capricious manifestations, most foreseers will often be diagnosed with some sort of mental disorder, or simply considered eccentric. A few will manage to carry their burden without attracting attention in this places, or will be ignored because that's the norm there.   Known forseers will be treated with the same fear, hate, patience or indifference than those conditions receive in that community. According to perceptives and Statisticians estimate that at least the 23% of foreseers in the Known Universe currently live in mental centers.   That's the case even in enlightened worlds. In theory, most of these cultures understand that the ability is more confusing than useful and would endure patiently it's manifestations and treat the person normally the rest of the time, but they fail to recognize the condition too. Just because people know that this condition exists, it doesn't mean that they will be able to identify the manifestations, specially if the foreseer is not able to understand or communicate the received knowledge. After all, who's going to guess that a random and complex vision or idea has anything to do with the future if it doesn't happens in the future?   Sadly, foreseers are more likely to be seen as such in the places where they will be considered evil, cursed, of a bad omen. They are executed in some countries where a terrible event or more were warned about too late, with words that made it sound imminent, or to people who wouldn't listen in the right moment but would remember the foreseer to blame them later. Some will even kill all the relatives of a foreseer as soon as they are certain of the condition.   Some important exceptions are the world of Ogha , and a few religions.   Many cultures all over the universe believe that any especial condition means that the carrier is either a deity or chosen by one. Most of them will be careful to stay away from foreseers because they think they are cursed, but a few think that it's a bless they aren't meant to question. Meanwhile, the Yid will be terrified of any foreseer and do anything in their hands to keep them happy, thinking they are the manifestation of the god of decay. The worshipers of Time are always looking for the next foreseer that will speak for their deity; they will blindly follow the instructions of these people, and the foreseers will take the responsibility very seriously.   In Ogha, there are still some myths about the condition but those who believe those things will either ignore them or find justification in them to see foreseers in the same way other oghenses do: as troubled people who struggle through life because of the confusion that foreknowledge causes for them.   Those cultures that originally considered them bad luck, are now convinced that they bring disaster only against themselves, hence they need more support than the regular person. The few that still think that they are tied to the future they can see, are also sure that the best course of action is to give them all the help and calm they need to focus and use their skills for the best.   Others have a more scientifical approach or don't care about the reasons. In either case, they are more focused in understanding the impact that the condition has in each foreseer's life, and do what oghenses always do: offer them what they are lacking of, and accept what they can offer (even if it's related to that complex condition).
    Affected Species
    Humans from every world
    Most evidence indicates it isn't.
    Chronic, Congenital
    Extremely Rare

    I don't see the future. I remember it. And it should have driven me crazy.
    — An annonymous foreseer

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