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Drail's Drafts


Drail's Drafts is the city of Rora's preeminent tavern within the college district of the city. Located across from the Great Roran College of the Mystic Arts, the tavern bustles in the evenings and weekends with students, merchants, scholars, and instructors from the college. During the day Drail's tavern is quiet except for the staff busy getting everything ready for lunch and the evenings' festivities. Shipments of alcoholic beverages, grains, ingredients for cooking and brewing flow through the tavern, but usually from the rear entrance to the storage destination reserved for the delivery.  

About the Drail's Drafts

Sitting across a minor street south of the college, Drail's is tucked into a large Nethen building of unknown age. It is a refuge for tired students looking to have some fun or to hang out with fellow students, travellers from afar, local laborers and aristocrats alike, or anyone wanting to drink or eat the fine food available within.   Students of the college, often in their Roran college student uniforms, local peoples, entertainers, and laborers are usually found inbibing the spectacular beer, ale, mead, and sours produced in the brewery or imported from afar in the first floor bar room. The smell of taftra bread, cooking meats, and cedar wood fill the air. Three fireplaces, one at either end of the room and a central open smokeless firepit keep the room warm and lit. The room is crisscrossed horizontally and vertically, as well as diagonally, with thick black beams of stained wood. These were added a number of years ago by the Drail family to make the room more cozy.   The garden level floor is the main level of the tavern. Here the kitchen, brewery, and first floor bar room fill the space. The bar room is substantial, coming in at over two thousand square feet (185 m2). Its L shaped layout hugs the kitchen with the main brewery taking up another 4000 plus square feet (370 m2+) in the back.   The second floor, sitting a couple meters above the street, contains another bar room/restaurant of similar size to the first floor, and the remainder of the floor being used for storage, and the Drail's personal quarters. The bar room on this floor is substantially nicer than the first floor, intended for scholars, travellers, instructors, merchants, and aristocrats. A dumbwaiter is used to send food up from the kitchen on the first floor.   Floors three and four are rooms for rent and the top floor is half common room, and the other half being rooms for additional staff, those that still live on site.   Drail's Drafts is run by the Drail family. The current propietors are Taabeeus Drail and his wife Niiya Drail.  

The Food and Drink

  The food in Drail's Drafts first floor is typical tavern fair such as cheese and meat platters, stew, sheppard's pie, or whatever game is in season including rabbit, duck, venison, elk, moose, or buffalo. Vegetables are always available in season, and those which store well are also available as part of the meal.   But what people really come to Drail's Drafts for are the drinks. Drail brews beers, ale, mead, and wine (in a seperate winery outside of town). In addition, any alcohol available in bottled form on Roran continent are often found here. In addition, spirits from Karenth Centralis are sometimes available, but the price is at a premium.   Even Bothe Rora can be found eating here with his wife Estelle Rora from time to time. He has even been known to get a bit rowdy and start singing old sailor songs.  

The Architecture

  The building is part of the original Nethen city discovered by the Displaced. Like many of the buildings in the abandoned city, this one was in perfect shape structurally, needing a good cleaning on the inside and out, and a bit of minor maintenance. From the outside, Drails Drafts looks like any other five story utilitarian building in the city, with the exception of the Drail's Drafts sign over the windows of the second floor shining out over the street, and lighting up at night due to it being made of lightwood.   The interior was already setup as a tavern, so little more was needed other than updating the locks when no key was available. Dark woodwork was added to the interior of the first two floors to add ambience and to make the bar feel more cozy to the patrons. Small stages were added in each bar room also, as travelling minstrels like performing here due to the excellent acoustics, and better than average tips.   The biggest boon to the building is the substantial kitchen, powered by Nethen magic, which is still fully functional and capable of being used for cooking, heating large amounts of hot water, creating ice, a large walk in cooled larder, ovens, stoves, and a rotisori oven.  

The Staff

In addition to the propriotors Taabeeus Drail and Niiya Drail, their two teenage daughters Breeja and Lisa work as barmaids on the second floor, but from time to time will fill in for any of the other roles as needed. Their sons Koop, Ofiris, and Ristil work doing jobs throughout the tavern with Koop and Ofieris often working as bartenders and Ristil, the youngest of the five siblings, carrying wood, sacks of ingredients, serving meals, cleaning dishes, or stabling horses.   Aside from the Drail family, ten other work in the tavern throughout the week. Three maids, a brewmaster, four cooks, and one other boy name Robert, who is ten, and who does odd jobs like Ristil. The two boys tend to get into, and make a great deal of mischief throughout the inn.  

The Entertainment

  Travelling minstrels and storytellers frequent Drail's and will be invited to play for meal and tips. Sometime student will play and sing for fun, as will other patrons. The entertainment is lively and upbeat most of the time.  


Drail's Drafts has existed as long as the college and was being setup as a tavern at the same time as the college. While the original use of the tavern was to feed the small populace of Rora when the city was first repopulated, as the towns people became established, Drail's began to function as a tavern, place for gatherings, meetings, and eventually a bar, restaurant, and lodging for travellers. Even at the beginning, the tavern was run by the Drail family to service the city.  


Drail's does not throw out good food. Scraps of vegetables and meat are used for stock, and leftover food made for the day is given to the homeless. The homeless are also given lodging at night in the brewery or the winery outside of town, and fed stew.
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