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Rora Castle

Rora Castle is located in the city of Rora in the country and continent of Rora. To the north runs the Rora River. The current incarnation of the castle is named for the Rora family and specifically for and by Gabriel Rora, the patriarch of the the Rora family when they moved into the castle shortly after coming to Karenth with the Displaced.   The castle is made of granite and sandstone blocks, cut and fit perfectly by the original builders of the castle, the Eusarans thousands of years ago. The castle was so well built, that although it has been vacant and unmaintained for a thousand or more years, it was still in excellent shape when the Gabriel and his followers arrived. There was much work to be done in terms of cleaning, and repairing parts of the roof in places, but considering the situation it was remarkably preservered.   The building consists of two large towers in the northeast and southeast, two smaller towers to the northwest and southwest. These four primary towers are connected by walls that house the main building of the keep, and in the center is a very large courtyard measuring close to four acres in size. Outside the main 4 towers and walls and some distance from them is a second wall which runs along the river and surrounds the whole of the castle. Within these walls is a majority of the city, and currently is the primary occupied part of the city.   A bridge crosses the river in two places from the castle and over to more of the city on the far side. Other parts of the city sprawled out past the second wall in all directions, and there is evidence that a third wall was being prepared, including a great deal of rock already cut and delivered.   The walls of the castle are not designed to withstand heavy ballistic bombardment from siege weaponry, but are thick enough to stave it off for a short amount of time. The walls do have battlements and archer crosses everywhere, and it is assumed that the peoples of the city were fighting off lightly equipped opponents, or wild animals. The castle also do a good job of protecting the city from the brunt of major waves from the ocean, high tides along the river to the north, and heavy winds.   Rora castle was one of the few major cities built by the Eusarans after the Nethen split with them. For the most part the Eusarans were content with occupying the existing cities they had always lived in, but present day Rora is one of the few exceptions.   The quarries for the two types of stone are not far, only about 2-5 miles along the brick paved roads leading directly to them. Much of the quarry infrustructure was destroyed with age, but the Displaced were able to rebuild what was needed to continue utilizing the resources present.   The Great Roran College of the Mystic Arts has setup in the northwest tower of the castle, and some of the surrounding walled rooms, with the rest of the overflow residing outside the walls of the main castle.   The current overseer and manager is Oscan Willans, a hill dwarf of great height, being close to 5'2". He makes sure things stay running, furniture and decorations are moved around, the building stays maintained, and the staff does what they need to do. As dwarves go, he is fairly jolly and absolutely loves his job. Some days he is doing paperwork, and others he can be found repairing a stone stairway or helping to move furniture. All this being said, he is always available to the inhabitants, even if it is late at night.   Oscan manages a team of 6 people, all of who do whatever is needed, and two of them specialize in cleaning and light repairs.
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