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Rora River

The Rora River resides in the northern part of the continent of Rora. The city or Rora is on the western side of the river where the river opens up to the ocean. The area at the mouth creates a small estuary and prevents ships from coming up the river to the city. The estuary is home to many unique creatures, birds, and fish.   The river flows from east to west, and the head of the river is a large lake known as Jonas Lake.   Most of the river is close to a mile wide getting wider in some spots and narrower in others. Only the first twenty piles or so of the river from the headwaters down are rough and not navigable by large boat. The remainder of the river is calm enough for barges.   The river is home to a number of species of clams and fresh water fish, which were much sought after during the first arrival of the Displaced. Now fish is a staple food source of the city of Rora.   The river is also the watering hole for animals including antelope, deer, Grona, rabbits, foxes, wolves, and so forth.   The river does have its share of predators also, including snakes, giant frogs, and a strange humanoid creature with webbed feet has been seen.

Cover image: by Elena Ivashchenko


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