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Jonas Lake

Jonas Lake is a large lake in northern Rora that feeds the Rora River.   The lake is the headwater for the Rora River and is a naturally occuring lake formed in a deep depresion in the plains which fills with a mix of ground water and runoff from the surrounding area. The natural springs that fill the lake along with the frequent rainfall in the area keep the lake and river full much of the year. Some families in Karenth will travel to the lake for a month or two every year to enjoy hunting and fishing. In addition a few boats have been built on the lake.   is teaming with life, from a variety of freshwater fish, birds, reptiles, seaweed, and various trees near its bank. A few wealthy individuals in Rora have proposed exploring under the surface of the lake to see what is under the surface, but not action has been taken.   The river was found by Heran Jonas, a member of the Displaced and early explorer of the region around Rora a few years after arriving in Karenth. He was a trader and traveller in Els'tar, and could not beat the wanderlust that sent him upstream along the river to the lake. Along the way he was able to create a map of the river and lake, which is of poor quality and highly inaccurate. Regardless, it led to further expeditions by other people. Jonas continued exploring after returning to Rora with the news and maps he created. Eventually Heran and his company never returned from an expedition to the forest in the south, and the fate of the small group is unknown.

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