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Rora, City of

Rora is a majestic city on the mouth of the Rora River in the northwest part of the country of Rora. It is surounded on the north and east by plains, a river to the south with plains beyond, and the ocean to what west. The harbor was restored and new docks built to replace the old docks that had fallen into disrepair. Most of the cities buildings were still in excellent shape only needing repairs to the roofs, drainage cleaned, major cleaning and general maintenance.   The docks have a constant flow of ships to other parts of the country, and to several of the other cities on other continents. Loads of lumber from the south are neverending with one or two shipments a day coming in.   The city teams with locals and many people have immigrated from other parts of Karnth. Due to the 200 years when Rora was cut off from contact with other Displaced, the language changed some so Roran has its own dialect of the common tongue.


90% Human
5% Elf
2% Dwarf
1% Halfline
1% Gnome
1% Fey


Rora is the capital of the country and continent of Rora. Rora is the third oldest city of the known world and was formed days after the second city. The Mayor of the city of Rora is also the ruler of the country, currently Toran Rora.   The Mayoral role is a monarchy that is passed down by the Mayor to the child he or she feels is most competent to rule the country and city once the Mayor steps down or dies. The monarch holds office until he or she feels unfit or unwilling to continue with the role. This sometimes comes in the form of harassment from the other members of the family stating it is time for the ruler to step down. As all of the Rora children are highly educated, they are also handed the tradition of stepping down from the role when the time comes. This allows for the most competent leadership to continue on. The tradition also comes with the fact that leadership may not be passed on by violent overthrow.   Since the duties of running both a major city and a large country would be overwhelming for one person, most of the focus of the Mayor is focused on international events, while the role of the city often goes to the heir apparent of the Mayorship or to a trusted member of the family. This role can also be handed to an advisor for a temporary period of time if needed. In the past, advisors have ruled the city from anywhere from a few weeks to ten years. All major decisions of the city still go to the Mayor for approval.   In addition to the aboslute monarchy that rules the city, there is a board of advisors managing the major departments of the city. These roles are appointed by the Mayor and may or may not be family members. The board members control commerce and taxation, law enforcement and judiciary, military, navel, agricultural, sanitation and health, expansion and development, arts, and magic and antiquity.   The laws in the city are rather strict but fair. Capital punishment is rare, and prisoners are all used as labor. In addition, prisoners are paid for their labor when released, and often given jobs related to their skills learned as prisoners. This has led to a populace that is skilled in the manual trades, and willing to work instead of going to prison.   Beauracracy is not tolerated if it is not necessary. As such there are not many levels of management to get stuff done. Often time managers report directly to the appropriate board member, and has direct workers under them. At times this leads to the need to add another level of management to the machine, especially for the military and navy.


The city sits at the harbor at the mouth of the Rora River. The city surrounds the ancient castle on the hill, now known as Rora Castle. This castle is a monolithic structure larger than any castle found in Els'tar.   The city has a city guard, army, and navy, each under the leadership of a separate board advisor.   The city guard number around 400 members and provides day to day law enforcement.   The army numbers 3000 full time members and can grow to 25000 or more if the need arises.

Industry & Trade

Rora is an agricutltural hub, a bread basket for the region. The lands are rich and productive, and the growing season is long.   As tools are an important commodity, Rora trades constantly for the metals needed to keep the country running. No major sources of metal have been found anywhere on the continet, so Rora looks to Grayton's Lot or other major producers of ingots, tools, weapons, and armor.   Rora's magical college the Great Roran College of the Mystic Arts is one of the best in the known world. Some of the finest wizards and sorcerors in the known world trained there. Their library is vast and has a number of volumes from Els'tar.   The city also has a robust fishing industry with a pier near the city market so the freshest catches can be picked up right away.


The city is built within a city that existed prior to the arrival of the Displaced. As the Eusaran city was well thought out, and had water and sanitation in place, the population grew into the buildings that already existed. The Rora family has since expanded the city learning and expanding upon the engineering already in place. In addition, the city had a ready supply of stone when it was found by the Rora family.


Within days of the Displaced arriving in Karenth, Factions began to form as there were to many mouths and not enough food. Master Gabriel Rora, a wealthy aristocratic wizard from Adelaide, and who possessed sharpest mind among the Displaced, managed to gather a group of a few hundred followers to his side. Determined not to die of a lack of food, he decided to lead his group of pilgrims to find a place to setlle down. They wandered the road for three weeks, living off the land, and their leader frequently disappearing, until one day they found him sitting on the road waiting for them. He smiled and pointed down the road. They grumbled and continued on. What they did not realize was that he was pointing at yet another gate, one he constructed himself and hidden by an illusion of the road. He created it to be powered just or this day and to crumle apart at the end.   They all went through to find themselves in the massive courtyard of what is now Rora Castle.   After everyone arrived in the castle, this was the first structure restored and the small group of a few hundred people were able to live there safely for a few years. During this time, new crops were sown in nearby fields and old overgrown parks near the castle. The city thrived and grew quickly with food, fresh water from the river, and safety within the castle.   Master Gabriel Rora quickly became the de facto leader of the group and appointed himself Mayor on the third anniversary of the escape from the Dragon Lords. The people were all to happy to oblige. He strangely was able to always have the new tools they needed, or seeds or other pieces necessary to keep the group going. So successful was he that people considered him the greatest wizard ever. In reality, the Master had a magical portal to a pocket dimension which he had filled with items for just such a contingency. He also had copies of all of his books, lots of tools, extra food, containers, magical items, and various spell components. He even had the makings for furniture and clothing.   Within ten years, the town began to grow and families were able to support more and more mouths. The first boats were made capable of simple ocearn voyages along the coasts, and the first students of the new college of magic began to apprentice with Master Rora. By the time master Rora died 40 years later, the population of Rora had grown to almost 1000 people.   Rora began the tradition of training and passing down the family monarchy to his second son, who intern passed it on to his third child, his daughter and master wizard Shanti. It was under Shanti that the city really began to make changes. Though only 20 when she took the seat of power, she sent people out to explore the rest of the city and surrounding landscape, reinvigorated the ancient infrastructure, grew the college of magic, and built the first ships capable of long distance sea travel. She also established additional settlements on the continent to help with procurment of much needed resources as the portable pocket device of her grandfather began to be depleted of items. It was not until Shanti's son was Mayor for almost two decades before the exploring ships made contact with other Displaced on Karenth Centralis.


Most of the city still contains the Eusarans style of architecture as they had built the city a thousand years ago and abandoned it a few hundred years later. Their technology keeps the buildings in good shape. In addition, all of the buildings are made of native local stone, still quaried from the same site the Eusarans used centuries earlier.

Natural Resources

Fish, fertile land, fresh water, mana pools under the castle and known only to the most senior wizards of the college, and quaried stone.
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