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Gabriel Rora

Gabriel Rora was the head of the Rora family and a master wizard at the time the Displaced were forced to flee in the face of the Dragon Lords from Els'tar to Karenth.   Born fourty five years prior to the War with the Dragon Lords, Gabriel was a wizard from the city of Adelaide in Els'tar, and teacher at the College of Magic. Gabriel was a 6'2" human weighing about 170 pounds. He frequently war travellers clothes except when he was actually travelling when he would wear his wizard's robes with his normal travelling clothes. Gabriel had blond hair and azure eyes, and usually looked very thoughtful. Regardless of his focussed look, Gabriel enjoyed a good joke, and even a bad one on occassion.   In addition, he always carried his Staff of Magical Permutations, a device that allowed Gabriel to alter the source of his mana and the resulting type of energy that the spell created during the casting of a spell. For instance, instead of creating a ball of fire, he could create a ball of sound or lightning, or other element.   Gabriel was also constantly working on better ways to prepare for the future, and he created a device, a circlet, that allowed him to store items in a pocket astral dimension. It would project an opening large enough that he could fit a grand piano, or large boat into the opening. The pocket dimension was also large and well layed out with storage. He stored vast amounts of building materials, magic items, copies of all of his books, supplies, food, water, adventuring gear, armor, weapons, and who knows what else in the portal. After he died, the item was passed down through the generations of the Rora family, to the member most gifted with magic or knowledge. Since his death, no member of the family has been able to activate the item.   As Gabriel knew the war was coming, it added much more to the portal, so when he led his followers through Freedom's Gate, they would have what they needed, and he would have all the power he needed.   Wizardry was the passion of Gabriel, and he spent most of his time studying it from the age of 7 when he first apprenticed until the time of his death almost eighty years later. He obtained a level of master wizard, capable of casting the most powerful magics an individual could muster. His collection of spells from years of adventuring and collecting was only matched by the collection at the Library of Adelaide.

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