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Great Roran College of the Mystic Arts

The Great Roran College of the Mystic Arts (GRCMA) was formed by Gabriel Rora a little under 400 years ago in one of the two large towers in Rora Castle in the city of Rora shortly after the Displaced arrived in Karenth through Freedom's Gate.   The Tower is located in the northeastern great tower in Rora Castle. This was the site chosen by Gabriel Rora for a few reasons. First it was defensible at that point of time as most of the city had not been explored and cleared of undesirable creatues that festured in most of the city outside of the castle. Second, it appeared to Gabriel to have been the location of an ancient school of science, or magic, or both, before it was abandoned by its previous inhabitents. Finally, this is where Gabriel had setup his own labratory and chambers, and it may a convenient location to extend his influence in the scholastic and arcane arts.   As the school has grown, some of the buildings outside the castle, near the main entrance, have also become locations for additional students, usually those who are just starting their studies.   The GRCMA grants admission to students who show promise in the arcane arts. They require all students to be literate in the common tongue, and encourage knowledge an fluency in a second. Students also need to be well rounded in math, science, botany, and crafting in some medium or another.   Currently the school has 55 students of varying degrees. An additional 40 staff, of whom 20 are teachers and the other 20 are support staff such as maintenance, gardeners, resource gatherers, cooks, and guards occupy the premises.   The school is broken into two groups of students, the first are those who learned magic through the study of books and from teachers, and the second group of students are those with an innate talent and ability to cast spells. As such there are some overlaps in the course of studies, and there are other courses that are specific to the particular group.   After students graduate from the school, they are required to serve the city for at least 2 years, or longer by their own choice. These post graduate duties usually involve stints in research, warfare, adventuring, resource gathering, and other duties as needed.   The interior of the school if very nice and decorated with tapestries, good furniture, and a good selection of spell components.   Currently 40 of the students are novice level wizards and sorcerors, while the remaining 15 students are higher level advanced wizards.

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