Roran College Student Uniform


The Roran College student uniform is the unofficial uniform of the Great Roran College of the Mystic Arts student body. It is unofficial as in the college does not have an actual dress code beyond being morally reasonable and appropriate.

As the Roran College student body is small, only a few hundred students, the people of Rora, City of find a fascination and awe for those who have been admitted. Thus, wearing one of these uniforms shows to the people of Rora you are a member of the esteemed university.

The Outfit

The outfits come as either a jacket, blouse, and skirt, or as a suit. In addition, a cloak and travelling cloak are also included. Women are not prevented from wearing either option. The basic patterns change only a little over time and represent the favorite outfits of two of the college's early faculty members' choice of fashion.

What does change each year with the outfits is the incoming class of students votes to determine the color motif of the outfit. The image below is the example of the incoming class of 429 AA choice of colors, blue, teal, and white. Previous years colors have included black, silver and red, or shades of green, shades of blue, and many other combinations. Color combinations are sometimes reused after about 15 years.   The uniforms are made of materials appropriate for the season. Cotton, linen, wool, and other materials are commonly used.  

by Scott Weeks



As a celebration of the lives of the two faculty members, the student body dressed in similar outfits to the two teachers during their funeral, and it has become a tradition since then to wear the outfits a majority of the time.  


Students are not required to wear the outfits, and can come to class in normal attire appropriate to an academic. Most students only wear their outfits 3-4 times per week, and never when in the field. The college commissions local tailors to make the uniforms for the class out of standard materials and pattern, and to charge a set rate for the uniforms. Wealthier students often have their costumes tailored for themselves, and others will also embroider the edges or add other decorations.   Some of the faculty will wear their old uniforms on special occasions, or newly tailored outfits in the original colors of their class.   Students without uniforms are not normally hassled about the lack of uniforms, although some of the snobbish upper class may speak up and look down on the individual. As a general rule, this is extremely rude.   The students will wear the outfits off of campus also, and the public is aware of the uniform and the prestige that comes with wearing it.

Cover image: by Elena Ivashchenko


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
6 May, 2021 16:59

Nice article :D I like the origin of the uniform and how each new class gets to decide the colours. Do they vote on it? It's shame if all the nice colours have been used in previous years though… and you might end up with something terrible if your year mates have bad taste…   I like your drawing of the uniform :D   Do they go to any tailor to get the uniform made or is it produce in high number and cheaply for new classes?

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28 May, 2021 19:56

Thank you for comments and response. I'm glad you like it! I also added a piece to answer your question. Thanks again!

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7 May, 2021 12:56

This is a good article. Have you considered adding quotes from students complaining about having to wear their uniforms while other student might like wearing them ... and other such things?

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7 May, 2021 17:58

As someone who grew up wearing a uniform for school, I find this a very compelling concept! Love that you added the details about students embellishing and finding ways to make themselves stand out in spite of the uniform (that *absolutely* happens, lol).   Personally, I'd love to see that the men are allowed to wear the skirt and blouse, too, but I understand if that's not the type of world you've built.

28 May, 2021 19:57

I'm glad I was able to take into account what really happens with uniforms. I was never required to wear one for school and was only guessing. Thank you for the comment.

Wisdom is the scar tissue of experience.
8 May, 2021 21:18

Nice read! I like how the students themselves decide what colours the uniform will be and how the uniform came to be. The image you made also gives a good idea about how it is supposed to look like.   Right now the article is only text so perhaps you could add some headers here and there to divide the text a bit. Since you don't use the sidebar you can actually remove it if you want :) In all nice article!

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28 May, 2021 19:54

I appreciate the comments, and have added the headers and done some rearranging. Thank you for the suggestions!

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28 May, 2021 23:00

That looks pretty neat now! :)

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Sage Dejers
Dejers Garth
27 May, 2021 14:30

Oooh, I like the idea of a school uniform!   This hits a lot of neat notes that say cool things about your school here. However, most of what you have written hints at things beyond what is actually stated.   I really like that it started out as a tradition for fallen teachers, that's such a cool little detail. However, i have to ask a few questions! Why is there prestige related to the uniform? What form of respect comes about from those that recognize the uniform? Who decides the new color changes for the uniform? Are there any stores that have started selling the uniforms to those that can't afford the personal tailors?   Overall these is a really cool start to an article, thanks for sharing!

28 May, 2021 19:53

Thank you for the comments and the great ideas. I have incorporated them into the article.

Wisdom is the scar tissue of experience.
3 Jun, 2021 17:54

I am LOVING this article. As a historian, I particularly like the history of the uniform. I do find it interesting how classes vote for their uniforms. I also find it interesting that the uniform is not required of the school which makes me wonder if there is reason for this. Having a uniform is usually a requirement. Great Article!

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9 Jun, 2021 15:54

"Students are not required to wear the outfits, and can come to class in normal attire appropriate to an academic." Good! o,o And same for not forcing people to wear a dress. Glad the uniform rules are loose enough.   Anyway, the yearly different theme sounds kinda fun, even if it's majority rules. Nice variation that way.

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