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Kao Shan

Kao Shan is a land of towering peaks, broken by deep valleys filled with rich farm land. Great waterfalls thunder through the passes, dropping nearly a thousand feet in some places. There are many misty passes often snowed over in winter, leading through the mountains to distant Tabot.   The people are viewed by the rest of Shou as rude, uncultured mountain men; good fighters with the bow, but otherwise unsophisticated. Honest to a fault, the tall, roughhewn Kao thinks nothing of telling a haughty mandarin what he thinks of him, punctuating his opinion with a blow or two. The Kao are the only people of Shou to eat bear and tiger, and claim that they eat dragon when they can get it. They are excellent woodcarvers and tellers of folk tales.


The governor oversees the province and the magistrates working under them.   Kai Shan is a now independent city seized by the criminal Tsui Tong in 985.


The rich valleys provide excellent farming and animal husbandry to make it through the snowy winters.


Traditionally a frontier province, Kao Shan was settled by Tabotans, seeking new farm land to the east, and exiled ministers and nobility from the Imperial capital. It is still considered to be an unpopular posting, even today, and to be sent there is usually a punishment reserved for officials who are highhanded or corrupt.

Geopolitical, Province
Alternative Names
Province of the Mountains
Parent Organization

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