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The Crack

Well, the home of Isorin Melchor can still be seen.. Down there.. Somewhere..
— Ernist Vonleu (High Archivist)
Located in the north-eastern region of Kaigan, the Crack, as the name suggests, is a place where the earth cracked open, resulting in a deep rift in the earths crust. It is filled with latend magical energy and magical storms often run rampant throughout the rift.


Originally this was the place of Craydon, a small farming village that was close enough to Trisza to benefit from the capital, but far enough away to not be busy. The people in the village mostly kept to themselves, except for one person. Just outside of Craydon lived Isorin Melchor, a strong wizard who had chosen the small village as his home base for the peace and quiet the area gave. While he liked the area, the villagers didn't like a wizard in the area. He had causes damage to his home, the village and the farms on many occasions.   The villagers were happiest when the wizard left his house for an adventure, which he was on most of the time, but that changed after one particular adventure. After retrieving the first piece of the The Cursed Triad, villagers had caught wind of his plan and the myths he had based it on. By the time Isorin had gathered the second piece, most of the village had been deserted as, only leaving a couple of stubborn people behind. While Isorin was not scared of the myths, most of the villagers of Craydon definitely were.   The villagers were right. Isorin had come back with the last piece and had placed all of them together on his worktable. The divine knowledge flooded him and he desperately tried to contain it with his arcane magic, but it had no effect. The arcane and divine magic clashed, splitting open the landscape, swallowing all that was on top into it's depths and forever scarring the earth.   While most of the extreme magic has died down a bit, there is still a lot of residual magic in the area, making it almost impossible for anyone to come near the Crack. Especially in the south, where Isorin's house was located, magical storms rage through the air. The north is safer, with the magic storms only occasionally reaching that far. While it is safer, it is still not really a good place to live, making it an ideal place for those who want to escape society, now living in the lawless village of Coppergulch Harborage.
Gorge / Rift


While there is almost no flora or fauna that can be found within the Crack, the Gulchbloom thrives in this region. This plant blooms with the availability of magical energy, which the Crack holds a lot of, especially after magical storms.

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