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Rasi Idioms

Culture in Rasi is dictated by sailing, large parts of the city is dedicated to docks and ships come and go every day. Neatless to say, sailors have a lot of influence on the people of Rasi, especially the lower classes. A lot of common idioms and phrases are derived from life at sea and the act of sailing.

Common phrases

Get those sails up!
Hurry up!
It can also be said with a sarcastic undertone which then implies that someone is being very slow. Captains and first mates always shout this when they need the crew to hurry up and react quicker to the changing conditions.
Being off the isles.
Coming from overseas
Ever since Evanra Hoshin discovered the islands south of Rasi, this is used to describe everyone who didn't come from the mainland of Kaigan. This is regardless if the person actually comes from those southern islands, or from a different country and just came by sea.
You are so landlocked!
You are too inflexible or stubborn in your thinking.
Since sailors are often at mercy of the sea and the weather, it requires a very flexible mentality as plans often change. When people are too steadfast with their ideas or plans, it reminds the sailors in Rasi of inland folk who normally don't have to deal with the uncertainty of the seas.
Going down into cargo.
Making out with someone.
This refers to young sailors who invite their love on board and look for a private spot, of which there are unsurprisingly few on a ship. Older crewmates will often joke around with this when a younger sailor has wandered off for a bit.
You can't even set a buoy strait!
You're very drunk.
Drinking is a common occurance both on and off land and it happens quite often that someone is really drunk, whilst thinking they are fine. Since a buoy floats and will set itself strait when in the water, it's a fitting metaphor to say someone is too drunk.

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I really like how you've included explanations with each idiom, rather than just the translation. 'Going down into cargo' is my favourite! :D

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