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Aerosphere is a ball sport that is played where the goal is to get the ball through one of three hoops at the side of the opponent.


After completing the first stage of The Gallowyn Institute for Martial and Arcane Training, students were looking for new ways to use their abilities. Different games were tried, both with and without magic to find something interesting to do in their free time. A simple ball game stuck with the students and slowly evolved into the Aerosphere that is known today.   The first itteration was played on the ground with one goal on each side where students used Telekinetic Projectile to send a soft ball made out of old cloths to the opponent's hoop, the opponent could intercept the ball by blocking using Shield after which they gained control off the ball. As students practiced more they sought more of a challenge. More hoops were added and the number of people who played at once reduced to a maximum of three per team in order to add challenge. Later, with some coaxing of Tasar Yinric Gallowyn, the students started playin on raised poles which they had to jump between which made the game more challenging.



The ball for Aerosphere can be made out of anything as long as it's not too heavy to throw. Especially lower class games have been known to use cheap materials like a bag of old cloth, leather or even filled animal organs, depending on what people have available. More high end games use either a durable leather ball or a ball made with Aerodite in order to give it certain floating proporties.


Aerosphere is normally played on a oval or rectangular field, with a lenght of 45ft and a with of 25ft, and has a centre line. Each side has three goals, 5ft from either end. These goals are made from large, often metal, hoops two feet in diameter and the underside needs to be 1.5ft higher than the hight of the posts. If the game is played on posts, both sides have eight posts, located 5ft from each other and start 2.5ft out from the hoops. The height of the posts can vary depending on player skill and competition.
by Eallixy


Aerosphere can be played both one versus one or in teams. In an official team game the teams cannot exceed three players. Casual play, off course, is not stricktly bound by these limites. Before a game of aerosphere starts, the participants have to decide to play a game of magical or non-magical aerosphere.


Aerosphere was originally designed to be a magical sport to play, making use of Telekinetic Projectile to pass the ball and shoot through the goals and using Shield to block and receive the ball. More advanced magic users may use Jump to move quicker and more freely between different posts.


When more non-magical people wanted to play, aerosphere was revised to be also playable without the use of magic spells. For this the ball is thrown instead of magically moved and small shields, such as bucklers or even wooden boards, are used to block the ball.


General rules

  • Players may not move between poles once they have received the ball
  • The ball may be passed between players
  • Once a player falls onto the ground, they are removed from play until the next point is scored
  • If the ball falls on the ground the play is paused until someone from that side picks it up and is back onto the nearest post
  • The first side to reach 15 points wins, with a minimum of 2 points between teams


One versus one

  • Players are allowed to move when they receive the ball

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Cover image: by Eallixy using Artbreeder


Author's Notes

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it! Likes and comments are always greatly appreciated and feedback is more than welcome :) Please do not share my work outside of the WA site or the WA discord without consent and please tag or notify me if you dropped a link on before mentioned platforms, thanks in advance.

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8 Jan, 2021 01:47

This sounds like a fun game, though kind of dangerous! I imagine falling off those poles would hurt. I like that there is a magical and non-magical version! :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
8 Jan, 2021 12:50

Thanks for the comment! There is no predetermined height for the posts, so inexperienced people can play on the ground, or on really short ones to make it less dangerous. I imagine posts don't tend to be much higher than 1 meter in most games, unless they're really experienced and fit.