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One of the few settlements predating the Reckoning, Volford was, and continues to be, a place of heavy industry. It is one of several city-states on the continent of Queens.


Control of Volford is bought and sold as percentages. Owners of these percentages are known as Shareholders.


Armories, banks


Volford is said to originally be the name of a company that bought the land currently bearing its name.


No formal military, but mercenaries are commonplace and contracted by the Volfordian government during times of struggle.

Technological Level

Volford's technology generally falls at the level of fossil fuels and below, with anything more complicated being a leftover from the ruins of older civilizations.

Foreign Relations

Cold war with Castillo over resources. Some of the Independent Territories exist on former Volford land, which is a sore spot for Volford, but peace between these areas is stable.

Trade & Transport

Volford trades with the neighboring Independent Territories, albeit reluctantly. Motor vehicles are the primary form of transportation. Paved roads exist connecting hot-spots within the country, but dirt and gravel roads are the more common sight between Volford and outer territories.


School comes at a premium in Volford, leading to a large underclass of those too poor to afford it, disparagingly referred to as "@illiterates". For the wealthy, education in Volford can be quite exhaustive. Those with money to spare tend to offer "financial aid" to the less fortunate, which in truth are a trap, leading to a lifelong debt.


Bridges, roads, sewers, shipyards, windmills

As we work, we prosper

Geopolitical, Country
Head of State
Government System
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Exports include just about everything, but most of all food, freshwater, and other essentials.
Major Imports
Imports primarily include items scavenged from the Dead Man's Land.

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