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Zethrendal is the lord of wisdom, keeper of the Truth, and loremaster of all the realms. It is to Zethrendal that learned men, scholars, and the Speakers themselves turn for his embodiment of wisdom. He is the epitome of patience, and when one needs to calm themselves they might ask Zethrendal for a measure of his own.   Those who study the world - scientists, as they call themselves - also revere Zethrendal the Eternal Sage. In addition, masons, architects, and builders even down to the lowliest stone-carver view Zethrendal as the patron of their craft. Legends say that although Savas' strength raised the walls of the Celestial Palace, it was Zethrendal who designed it.
Zethrendal, give me the patience to spare this man's life.
Overheard in a tavern during a game of dice.

Divine Domains

Wisdom, Learning, Mathematics, The Sciences, Architecture and Construction.

Holy Books & Codes

The Six-Fold Truth

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A book atop a staff

Divine Classification
Temple of the Divines

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