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The Khastis Desert

The Khastis Desert lies in the center of the Western Realms, separating the northern regions dominated by the Mardhelm Empire from the exotic and relatively unexplored Southlands. The desert is a sparse and desolate place, so hot and dry that it is nearly devoid of life. Stretches of endless dunes and plains of sand are broken only occasionally by rocky plateaus, and less often by small oasis.
It's the most treacherous, desolate, Divines-forsaken place I've ever seen. Still...there's something about the unknown that draws a man further into it.
Chadwick of Innsbrook, Brother-Knight of the Order of the Burning Lance.
Only the nomadic Gedou make their homes here, travelling from one life-giving oasis to another and sheltering in the shade of the towering cliffs. The northern realms threaten their freedom as they are often taken as slaves, but when asked why they don't venture further south they simply say they prefer slavery or death to the terrors that lie in the Southlands.

They say no kingdom could ever thrive in this land, but the Gedou tell of ruins in the deep desert from some lost civilization. Many scholars and treasure-hunters have ventured into the wastelands in search of the truth behind these tales. Of the few who have survived the expedition, only a handful have brought back any evidence to support the native's stories - and even then there is little more than shards of pottery bearing strange writing or bits of a crumbled statue to show for their sacrifice.

Canticle by Marc Simonetti

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Almost 100% Gedou  

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The Gedou Tribes  

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