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The Bravani Gift of Life

The Bravani share deep passions for many things: family, music, colorful clothing... Among these passions, and quite possibly chief among them, is a love of food. To the Bravani, food goes beyond the basic needs of sustenance. It is a celebration of life, an experience for all the senses, and an expression of creativity. More so than all of this, sharing food with others is a way to show your love and respect for them. Broken down to its simplest elements, food sustains life. In the spirit of this, the Bravani consider a gift of food to be a gift of life, and something that bonds two people in one of the most meaningful ways possible.
If a Bravani gives you even a crumb of bread, and you accept it, you and he are bonded in a pledge of trust that runs as deep as any oath spoken on bent knee. From Caravans of Curiosity: an Outsider's Time Among the Traveling Folk by Gregory Chalmers of Riverton.

Bravani Cuisine

Food among the Bravani is a celebration of aromas and flavors. Pots of stews full of wild mushrooms, boar, and exotic spices are an almost everyday occurrence. Salads of fresh greens punctuated by a myriad of colors plucked from the forest itself adorn every table. Even their breads - usually coming in the form of small biscuits or round, flat cakes - are filled with fruit and nuts or seasoned with spices and garlic. No dish ever prepared by a Bravani can be said to be bland; in taste, aroma, or presentation. Bravani food is nothing if not bold, just like the people who create it.

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