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Frelde is the Divine of the hearth, home, craftsmen, the weak, and defenders of the weak. She is the patron deity of the Order of the Barbed Star. She embodies humility in all things, and those who ply humble crafts look to her for inspiration. She is said to be a gentle personage. While all of the Divines are said to guide and protect the mortal realms, she alone among them is the true caretaker of humanity itself.   Many warriors may pray to Frelde when in defense of their homelands as opposed to Savas, as she is the protector of the weak and he the champion of the strong. Should an army face a great threat invading their home, Frelde is called upon for her favor. Those undertaking voyages, especially at sea, also call to Frelde for her protection.

Divine Domains

Humility, Home, Defenders, The Weak, Craftsmen

Holy Books & Codes

The Six-Fold Truth

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A shield with a rose and a sword

Divine Classification
Temple of the Divines

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