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Drakes are a species of non-sentient reptile native to the Faewylde. They are a distant cousin to dragons, though they lack the higher intelligence of their larger relatives. For millenia, drakes were only found in the wild. They would roam the forests of the northern reaches, and could mostly be found within the Glimmerglow Forest. Since the Great Schism however, the Drakhari have captured and domesticated all but a few of the majestic creatures.
The Drakhari notion of order sounds quite a bit like slavery to me. Just look at what's become of the drakes.
Odeteros, leader of the Astani.
  The average drake measures five feet tall at the shoulder when on all fours. Their length, inclusive of the tail, is around twelve feet. While they are primarily quadrupeds, they can easily stand and even run short distances on their hind legs, freeing the smaller front limbs for use in attacking prey. Their scales range from a russet brown to bright green, with no systematic causes for the color variants. A single mother might lay half a dozen eggs in a single creche, and from that the offspring might be as many different colors.   The Drakhari use drakes as mounts both for general transportation and in battle. The war drake regiments of the Drakhari legions are a fearsome sight. On the charge they can shred through lines of infantry or more standard cavalry in moments, attacking with fang and claw in addition to the rider's own weapons.

Cold One by Michael Phillippi


Fauna, reptilian.  

Natural Habitat

Glimmerglow Forest, Faewylde.  

Domestication Status

Mostly domesticated, endangered in the wild.  

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