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Mapvember 2022

November Writing Gauntlet

If the state of Isekai's world map shows anything, it's that I'm not very good at making maps. I've been holding out for Project Deios, which should hopefully have all the features I need later this month to redo the world map, but even then, I'm going to need more time than a month to make a usable map of any sort.   That being said, once again, the mantra of use all the stubs, only the stubs arises once again as I attempt to use Mapvember as a way to spur some WorldEmber prep before the first homework comes out. While I plan on working through our over 100 playable races during WorldEmber, getting other articles done will help forward some of the other goals I laid out in the SC22 Reading Challenge.   November is an extremely busy time with the holidays starting, winter storms coming, and the seemingly endless list of to-do's that spring up this time of year. Hopefully, I can dedicate a decent amount of time to Mapvember and WorldEmber prep and reach the goals that I want to hit.  


I was capable of finishing almost 20 articles for Spooktober 2022 and would like to attempt at least that many with Mapvember. The newly completed spreadsheet for Isekai is created and ready to start marking off some finished articles so I can get out of this cycle of constant edits and work on new content.

Mapvember 2022 Prompts by World Anvil


RiverFang's Mapvember

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The Temple
Known simply as the Temple, the true purpose of this place is unknown to all but the goddess Niteara. This temple also serves as the gateway between this realm and the Southern Library.   With little decoration and few to see it, this temple embodies the idea of the Goddess of What is Not.

Prompt 25

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Prompt 27

Temple Pavilion

Prompt 28

Prompt 29

Temple of Grand Harvests
Temple of Grand Harvests by Image via Midjourney, created by Riverfang
Known as the Temple of Grand Harvests, this is one of many structures in the Golden Fields that serves as home to the goddess Rerena and those who tend her fields. This temple also serves as the gateway between this realm and the Southern Library.   Decorated with rich colors and the fruits of the field, this temple is befitting of the Goddess of Agriculture.

Prompt 30

Temple Garden


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