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Temple Graveyard

Gateway to the Necropolis

All who enter here must have great respect for the reality of death and those that have departed this world. For if one does not, they may find themselves buried before their time, interred by the God of Gravestones himself.
— Inscription Above the Door
  Away from the center of the bustle and marble pillars reaching to the sky, stands a blackened building, its halls hallowed and quiet, far different from the rest of the buildings and temples that make up the Southern Library. The soft hues of orange and yellow light spill from inside, both inviting one in and turning others away. Little decoration adorns the outside, making most disregard the building's presence, but this is one temple that holds great history, one that is necessary to the research that the Sphinxes must complete.   The Temple Graveyard serves as the gate from the Southern Library to the Necropolis, the realm of the God of Gravestones Lok. Its blackened pillars and marble halls echo empty, but the gateway leads to somewhere that all souls will be respected, no matter their lot in life. Few that enter the Southern Library care to learn what this someone decrepit building has in store, and perhaps it is best that way.   Of all the temples and gateways in the Southern Library, the Temple Graveyard is unassuming, quietly tucked in a corner away from the others, removed from the bustle of research that normally happens in the library. But this does not make this temple any lesser, nor does it take away the reverence that one must have for the departed and their resting places if they wish to pass through to the Necropolis. While the Temple Graveyard is forgotten by many, it stands as one of the most important gates to the Celestial Realms and the history that lies within.

Purpose / Function

Built in 553,000 IM after the Sphinxes completed their research with Lok in the Necropolis, the Temple Graveyard serves as the main gateway between the Southern Library and the Necropolis, which exits in the Temple of the Departed. Built from black marble and utilizing a variety of magic to set the tone, this place is meant to be one of reflection, where people can look back on their pasts with those that have departed this world. For the most part, the Temple Graveyard is ignored by most as its hallowed halls are empty, but its purpose far transcends any amount of furniture or artifacts that could fill such a place.
Temple Graveyard
Founding Date
30 Winter's Morning, 553,000 IM
Parent Location


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