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Half-Elf Sayings

Language Between Worlds

Living on the edge of two worlds, common phrases come about that often poke fun at the Elves and Humans, or even poke fun at the somewhat poor situation that follows the Half-Elves. Having been removed from either kingdom, they have created their own homes and idioms, while still using the languages of their full-blood counterparts.   Often preferring the crudeness of Common over the elegance of Elvish, Half-Elves lean towards ideas that are more representative of the Humans that unceremoniously removed them to what was meant to be nothing more than a prison colony. As the town of Merrick has shown, living along the edge of two worlds, on the shore of a bottomless lake, was not the punishment it was meant to be.   Even using Common as their main language, Half-Elves use common idioms and sayings that would only make sense to other Half-Elves. Often their sayings look towards the somewhat harsh environment they live in as well as their status of only being half of anything. They stray toward Common as a central language, but that does not stop them from using their scathing and sometimes harsh sayings in Elvish, or other languages if it fits their fancy.  

Common Names

Female Names
Common female names in Half-Elf Culture often are a mix of Elven and Human names. Female names often lean more towards Elven names.
Male Names
Common male names in Half-Elf Culture often are a mix of Elven and Human names. Male names often lean more towards Human names.

Common Phrases

We always do things halfway
A joke between Half-Elves
Two halves of the green sea
Denoting the area where Half-Elves often live between the two kingdoms
Stuck between the bow and the gun
Stuck in an impossible spot
Never the whole, only half
Always slighted
When we find the bottom of the lake
Something will never happen
When the Gweyr runs dry
Something will never happen


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16 Aug, 2021 16:30

I love the 'we always do things halfway' joke. Just the right mix of amusing and scathing.

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