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Greenwood Bumbles

Giant Bees of the Little Greenwood

A small fuzzy head appears from under the wide brim of a flower's petal, dusted with golden motes of delicious pollen. Its large, thin antennas slowly creep out from being bent against the creature's back as its wings hum to life in a soft buzzing sound. What emerges from beneath the wide, soft leaves of the Giant Camellia blossom is a bumblebee, one that is easily the size of a grown Orc's fist. The slightly drunk creature buzzes between the other giant and stout flowers that call the Little Greenwood their home. No other insect can pollinate more flowers or handle the size of the plants in the Little Greenwood like the bees known as the Greenwood Bumbles.   Native to the Little Greenwood, the Greenwood Bumbles were almost extinct after the events of the Eldritch War decimated their delicate populations. At one point, it is said that these bees roamed the forests in droves, blanketing the trees and plants in a rolling sea of black and yellow. Thousands of bees helped to pollinate the odd forest, allowing the Little Greenwood to grow stout and hardy plants unlike those found anywhere else in Isekai. Now, that number has dwindled, with the population barely staying above five hundred for any length of time.   In the years after the Eldritch War, the Greenwood Bumbles became the charge of the Mauskin, a culture that thrived on flowers and what those flowers meant to them. Without the bees of the forest, many of the flowers that had become a central part of their Flowerday celebrations would be lost to the past, even with the specific nature magic of the Mauskin.   The Greenwood Bumbles are housed and cultivated by the Mauskin, their numbers growing under the watchful eyes of elder mice and their children. Those that remember the swarms of the past wish to bring those days back, hoping to bring the life and vitality of the Greenwood Bumbles to the forest again.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Due to the size of the bees, they are often only found in the stout trees and bushes of the Little Greenwood. Because the foliage in the forest grows wide instead of tall, the flora here can better handle the larger size of the bees as well as the necessary quantities of pollen for the bees to feed on and produce honey.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Greenwood Bumbles need access to a large and consistent supply of pollen from a wide variety of plants and trees. While the giant flowers that are prolific in the forest are a favorite source of food for the bees, they tend to gather around the Giant Camellia blossoms due to the rich source of pollen.
Greenwood Bumbles
Greenwood Bumbles are one of largest naturally occurring insects in the Little Greenwood, but are much smaller than their ancestors which created the Ancient Honeycombs.
Scientific Name
Fae Bombini
Conservation Status
The Greenwood Bumbles are currently considered an endangered species by both the Halflings and Mauskin, but only one of the groups works to ensure that the species does not go extinct.
Geographic Distribution


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