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Frozen Soul

Icy Illness of the Castle of the Damned

All who enter here beware,
Even with the utmost care,
In a room much at ease,
You cannot be saved from the freeze
  Elegant script carved above one door in the castle shifts between the ominous words in the languages of the Elves, the Humans, and the Silver Elves. It is a warning to most, but its cryptic words imply a deep freeze, a cold that would not survive the climate of Káto. In a place where the cold of the northern reaches of the surface world cannot reign, a new type of cold, one that reaches the very soul, is enough to render even the strongest of Adventurers into nothingness.   Experienced Adventurers often fear Káto, and those that live there such as the Silver Elves believe that fear is necessary. Even those of the darkness cannot understand all manners of things that may crawl from a deeper pit, a place the light will never touch. Those creatures of the deeper world find themselves here in the Castle of the Damned, inflicting new maladies on those that dare step into a room with clear warning in place.   Those that do not heed the words above the door may find themselves paralyzed, their soul frozen within their body. No one knows what type of creature is capable of doing such a feat, it is assumed that it is a creature from farther within Káto than anyone has ever wished to go. Scared to death is a phrase that people use too lightly, but in the case of the Frozen Soul, there is no better explanation than that. Those that have attempted to study the phenomenon are left baffled, with more questions than answers.   The Frozen Soul seems to be something that is tied to the Harrowing, but no one can be sure as others in Káto, far deeper than the light reaches have been struck with it. But those who suffer very rarely live to warn others. The words carved into the stone above the door are the only words of warning to Adventurers, just do not get caught in the trap of the freeze.


The cause of the Frozen Soul is noted as being looking upon a specific creature of the deep Káto, but those that study these phenomena are unsure as no one has been able to report on the creature after being affected.


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