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Exhibition at the Vollan Rue

A One-Shot Adventure in Isekai

Written by RiverFang  
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You have received a mysterious letter that speaks of the Clay Giants' Vollan Rue and the history of their sports. The words ask you to come to the village of Campfire, where you will begin your journey towards the Hills of Vollan and a prize that many would be more than grateful to have. You have been invited to an exhibition at the Vollan Rue, where those who are not Giantkin can test their strength and wit to earn a coveted trade contract with the Cradle of Clay.

Storybook Rules


Player Handout


Session Primer

The articles below give some background to the story that is about to unfold. These will help both Storyteller and players delve into the culture and lore of the Cradle of Clay.  

Premade Characters

These premade characters are Tier 0 characters (Adventurers) in the Storybook System. Use these characters so that you can jump right into playing with this new system!  
Click the images below to find that character's sheet.
Clay Giant

Cover image: Storybook Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


Author's Notes

All tokens were created using Portrait Workshop.   All campsite maps were created using Dungeon Alchemist.   Thanks to Stormbril for the great CSS tabs! Check out his other CSS magic here!  

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Apr 29, 2022 20:48

I love the idea of centering an adventure around these games. The campsite descriptions are quite detailed and inspiring to put into a journey segment. It may be a little light on plot and action for some players, but I happen to know a few for whom this would be just right. Nicely done!

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May 4, 2022 22:31

I have been running crazy but have kept this article on my Notification Board for a couple of weeks. I didn't want to visit until I had time to poke around. I am so glad I did. The love and attention to detail here and throughout your world is so obvious. Your use of so many World Anvil features is amazing in keeping this page very clean and easy to navigate (carousels, embedded pdfs, links, tabs and sub-containers). This adventure looks like a lot of fun as a player or a game master. It is so amazing to see the forge burning bright.

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not Ruleplaying
not Rollplaying
May 6, 2022 09:27 by Janet Forbes

This is a MASTERPIECE of World Anvilry! Amazing work!

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