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Algae Bubbles

Sweet Treat of the Brachyur

A young Brachyur stares in awe as the elders create colorful bubbles of sweet treats that will burst in the mouth with heavenly flavor when tasted. Their claw clicks anxiously as they await the fated moment when they will be able to choose one of their very own, but they know that moment is a while away. These delicate creations must chill for a moment in the cooler waters, the gelatin fully solidifying and encapsulating the delicious liquids inside. Without this process, these tiny treats would not last when hidden within the shell.   One of the culinary specialties of the Brachyur is unheard of on the surface world, an oddity of their own design to bring a small moment of happiness in a quick treat that can easily be carried within one's shell without being ruined. Daily, many of the elders set about making these tiny treats for the children and others who wish to carry them along, a moment of bliss amongst the rushing waters and hectic days of the sea floor. Bursting with flavor and color, these treats are highly coveted by not only the Brachyur but all who dwell beneath the waves.   Algae Bubbles are an interesting invention of the Brachyur but it is one that has made life easier and slightly more interesting for those that call the sea floor home. Used as a treat for children or as a quick bit of sustenance on a long trip, these fun, gelatin bubbles are filled with a variety of tasty liquids. Depending on where these treats are made, the fillings vary greatly, but the premise is the same and they are universally loved.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Because of their homeland on the ocean floor, the Brachyur have access to a variety of plant life that they use in their culinary pursuits. One of the most abundant is algae which grows on rocks and sometimes on the abadoned shells that are scattered throughout their cities. This algae can be gathered and through a process that the Brachyur refuse to share, the algae is turned into a special gelatin that can be molded, shaped, and filled with a variety of foodstuffs.   Once the gelatin is formed and shaped into small bubbles, it is quickly filled with a liquid or other solid fillings before the gelatin has a chance to fully solidify and seal itself. Mutliple people are needed for this process as the gelatin tends to solidify rather quickly in the colder waters of the sea floor. After filling, the bubbles must rest and finish solidifying for anywhere from ten to twenty minutes before they are strong enough to be stored within a shell.


Exploration of the sea floor by those that are not water dwellers is a relatively new occurrence, so it is uncertain when the Brachyur first invented this treat, but many Brachyur say that they have been eating Algae Bubbles as long as the ocean has been deep and blue. Other ocean dwellers have confirmed this as there have been many attempts by races such as the Obsidea and the Phorcydes to create a similar treat that they could carry in satchels or other containers, but these attempts have often failed.   No one knows for sure how the gelatin is created or why it works so well, but it is a secret the Brachyur refuse to tell. The want to recreate these treats has led to a variety of treaties and trade agreements between the Brachyur and other underwater races, but these agreements often fall through and has led to some tension between the Brachyur and other races.   The recipe for the algae-based gelatin was one of the many things hidden in the shells of Anomukin during the Eldritch War as it was seen as a critical part of their culture that would not be erased by the horrific war. For a time during the war, these small bubbles were used to allow messengers to continue their long travels or as quick meals when things became the most difficult.
Algae Bubbles
A culinary specialty of the Brachyur, Algae Bubbles are a gelatin-based pod full of a delicious liquid that can be easily kept within a shell for a sweet treat or as a bit of sustenance on a long trip.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Related ethnicities
Usually less than 3oz
No bigger than 1in in diameter
Base Price
Not for sale

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