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Shelled Crustacean of the Animal Kingdom

Colorful shells, twisted in tight spirals and glittering in the soft waves, move across the ocean floor, leaving little more than ruts in the sand as they pass by. These colorful spots enter the archives and libraries of sacred cities, moving books and scrolls with their small claws. If the need arose, sacred tomes could be hidden in their shells, safe against the destruction that had once befallen the Brachyur.   The Anomukin are the smallest of the Brachyur but have the most colorful and varied appearance. Their shells are a defining feature of their kind, marking them as protectors and defenders alongside their much smaller claw. While their brethren fight and stay on the offensive, the Anomukin strive to protect the sacred items of their cities.

Basic Information


Brachyur have similar anatomical traits to Humans with some major differences. These people have an exoskeleton, a body adapted for life along the ocean floor, and a singular large claw. Brachyur are covered in a tough carapace that is reminiscent of crustaceans though thick enough in proportion to ward off arrows and most conventional weaponry. In place of a hand are several small, spindly fingerlike pieces of their exoskeleton that they can manipulate with the same precision as fingers.   The final and most notable trait of the Brachyur is their ability to molt their shell as they age. This species will shrug off their shell at most five times during their lifetime though more commonly four in order to accommodate their growth throughout their lifespan which will often be signified with changing colors. The exoskeleton of a Brachyur is noted to tend more towards greens and reds during their early to mid-life and more towards blacks and blues as they enter their later stages of life past 250 years of age as a general rule.   Anomukin are very similar to hermit crabs and have extremely colorful shells that grow with them as they age. These shells can be blocked perfectly by their much smaller and rounded claw, providing an interesting source of protection that the other Brachyur do not have.   Common Colorations
Anomukin share the hard exoskeleton in a variety of colors that the other Brachyur have but also have extremely colorful shells. Their exoskeletons are often shades of tan, brown, red, or orange, while their shells can vary greatly, although shells are most commonly pastel hues. Their eye colors are often dark, normally shades of brown, gold, or grey.  

Exoskeleton Colors


Shell Colors


Eye Colors

Additional Information

Social Structure

All Brachyur tend to mingle in their city-states, but often the various subraces have their own specialties within the city. Due to the size of their claws and the opportunities afforded by their shells, the Anomukin are often Archivists and Librarians, hiding important and sacred tomes as needed during times of war and other conflicts.   Anomukin culture varies little from the other Brachyur, but a large part of their culture centers around their shells. While Anomukin are born with their shells, the shells are not attached. It is common for Anomukin to trade shells with each other as a sign of companionship or to find a color of shell that better fits their personality.
Animal Kingdom, Brachyura
500 years
Average Height
4 - 4 1/2 feet
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