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Crustaceans of the Animal Kingdom

Vast seas cover the world, beneath their waves hide civilizations that few know of or care to enter. The shallow waters find one type of inhabitant, the cooler waters below another, the seafloor another one still. Amongst the sands and rocks of the ocean floor, a whole civilization thrives, one of the clawed people who search for deep histories that most have forgotten.   Brachyur exist in the world as aquatic members of the Animal Kingdom, it is said that they are charged with walking along the seafloor to remember the things that are long forgotten and search for the things that are yet to be discovered about the true nature of Isekai. Their role in the Eldritch War was costly as their temples and cities were destroyed and purposely sought out as places of magical concentration that were unused for defending against large-scale attacks. The Brachyur rallied and defended their sacred places and archives of knowledge but were largely unsuccessful and suffered great losses. While they have an imposing appearance to surface dwellers, they are quite intellectual and often choose to negotiate. Their culture is based around agriculture, exploration, and compiling history on a wide range of topics which often secures them a peaceful if not favorable relation with neighboring civilizations.   Currently, their native homelands are scattered though they have begun to rebuild around the ruins of their once-great temples and aquatic libraries with little regard to the depth of the water but rather the structures that exist still home to a wealth of knowledge and secrets. The Brachyur seek to rebuild their underwater city-states, though they often live simply, they were grand in scope with stone structures and lengthy caverns interconnected throughout the ocean floor and in some cases with access to Káto. These city-states are often ruled by the head of the temple or monastery they are built around and have a wide influence on teaching among the other water-dwelling races of Isekai.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Brachyur can be found scattered in city-states across the ocean floor where they are centered around their temples and archives. It is often hard to pinpoint where exactly these city-states are as the Brachyur have no preference for water temperature, depth, or many other factors that the water-dwelling races of Isekai often take into consideration.   Culturally, Anomukin, Clawfolk, and Crabfolk are very similar, only being separated by their physiological differences and the fighting styles that the various groups have chosen to focus on. The Anomukin prefer a quieter lifestyle often focusing on defense as their smaller claw allows them to easily hide in small places and within their own shell if necessary. Clawfolk and Crabfolk prefer to take the offensive, and while they tend to focus on intellectual pursuits, time is still spent training in fighting styles that utilize the size of their claws to their advantage.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Brachyur are not known to have inherently mystical abilities, their traits are focused on physical aspects that have to do with their Brachyura physiology.   The subraces of Brachyur are frequently defined by the type of claw they have. The first of the major variations that can be seen are those that have a larger, more rounded claw that is quite menacing and formidable as a blunt weapon just as much as a smooth pincher. The second is a sleeker claw that is closer in length to that of a sword with jagged serrations along the inner portion of their claw that are quite useful in rending flesh. The third is a small rounded claw that is meant as more of a defensive claw and to help seal off safe areas if necessary.   These claws are useful as both a natural weapon, a tough tool in which to block blows, and even a device with which to grapple as some particularly strong Brachyur have been known to snap bone and steel alike with their powerful appendage. The uniting feature that spans across all variations of Brachyur is their ability to live just as well on the ocean floor as on the land, their body is adapted to breathe both water and air without any adjustment period though they often prefer wet climates. They are capable of defending themselves or just making an imposing presence though their humility and intellect is often their main point of interest, unlike most of the water-dwelling species the Brachyur are not adept swimmers and can only manage as well as a surface dweller in most instances as they prefer to walk along the seafloor and have a tendency to sink rapidly.
Brachyur often spend their lives on the ocean floor, searching for lost histories and the hidden truths of Isekai. Since the Eldritch War, they continue their quest while rebuilding their once loved city-states throughout their homeland.
Animal Kingdom, Brachyura
500 years
Average Height
5 - 6 feet
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