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The White Rage

The White Rage is a psychological affliction that can affect any sentient creature, but is overwhelmingly seen in orcs and minotaurs. The causes for The White Rage are myriad, but the result is always the same: aggressive moodswings between catatonic fugue states, and moments of incredible physical aggression.   The only cure is termination of the subject.

Transmission & Vectors

True Folk healers are not sure exactly what the cause are, but most cases are tied to extreme physical and psychological trauma. During the years before the War of Tusk and Horn, this disorder was very common in True Folk in their old age, as well as adolescents. The deplorable conditions of their enslavement were a perfect breeding ground for the type of trauma required for The White Rage. Push a slave too far, and they will erupt into mindless violence and need to be put down. The White Rage is the reason the False Folk, to this day, see the True Folk as unintelligent, rash, and violent.


Trauma of any kind can cause an individual to slip into The White Rage, though a few rare cases have been documented in the decades since The War of Tusk and Horn that were not tied to any identifiable trauma.


Affected individuals lose the ability to regulate their emotions. They either feel nothing, or absolutely everything. The True Folk are very passionate individuals, and when the regulatory functions of the body are stripped away, all that remains is rage. This is particularly dangerous with minotaur and orcs, as they are large and strong enough to cause an extreme amount of damage before they either calm down or are put down.


The only treatment is prevention. Once someone slips into The White Rage, death is the only relief.

Affected Groups

Any True Folk can be affected by The White Rage, though the effects are not all equal due to the physical differences between races. A goblin in the throes of The White Rage will do significantly less damage than a rampaging minotaur.


Avoidance of unprocessable trauma is the only way to prevent The White Rage. In the decades since the War of Tusk and Horn, instances of The White Rage have dropped significantly.

Cultural Reception

Sufferers are viewed with sadness and pity, in the same way as a rabid dog. Much like a rabid dog, the sufferers are nonetheless hunted down and killed, for their safety and the safety of everyone else in the community.

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