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Stone Sympathy

Stone sympathy is the goblin art of mining, shaping, and otherwise moulding stone to their specifications without doing any of the heavy lifting generally required of such endeavours. By forming a sympathetic link between a particular stone and a replica of said stone, a short ritual can be done to attune the vibrations of the replica to the original. Once this link is established, any physical action taken on the part of the replica will be reflected within the physical form of the target.   This procedure allows goblins to carve entire cities out of mountains, sink their homes deep into the ground, and forge new valleys in otherwise uninhabitable mountain passes. Curiously, goblins appear to be the only people whose ears are sensitive enough to hear the subtle nuances of vibration that establish the link. This limitation means that only goblins may learn stone sympathy, and their services are much sought in other nations.   Despite their unintentional monopoly on stone sympathy, the goblins are generally not secretive about it, and will openly show the method to anyone who wants to learn.


Stone sympathy is used to shape, work, and move stone.
Jampa, a goblin monk from the Tuskpeak Mountains. The exact time is disputed, but it happened several hundreds of years before The War of Tusk and Horn.
Access & Availability
The use is ubiquitous in the Goblin Nations, but rarer elsewhere. Just because only goblins can learn this skill does not mean that every goblin HAS learned it, though the art spreads to wherever significant populations of goblins can be found.
Stone sympathy was discovered centuries ago by the free goblins of the Tuskpeak Mountains. Their traditions involved long meditations, chanting, mantras, and ringing bowls, all of which served to tune the goblin ear to slight variances in tone and pitch. This technique was honed over centuries of culture until goblins all across the Tuskpeak range began noticing small stones jumping and jerking during monastic rituals. Ever-curious, it became somewhat of a community goal to identify the source of the motion.   The first goblin to truly express what is now recognized as stone sympathy was known only as Jampa. He was a monk of the traditional variety, though he threw himself into discovering the source of the stone movement. It took him the better part of his life, but he managed to discover the minutia required to establish a vibrational sympathetic link between stones and their replicas. It was not for another several years that a practical use was discovered for this link, but once it was discovered it changed goblin civilisation forever.

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