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A mudwarren is the general term for goblin architecture. In centuries past, goblins lived in whatever hovels they could find while they eked out their short, violent lives. In modern times goblins mainly build with stone, but have never forgotten their roots.   The mudwarren originated as basically a cave made of mud, dung, and other detritus. The goblins, originally swamp creatures, would dig down into the mud to create shallow depressions and then stack the excess up and around them, creating small enclosures that were just large enough for a small goblin family to huddle.   Nowadays, a goblin mudwarren is an excavated one-room pit with an arching stone roof many metres high. Goblins enjoy high ceilings, and regularly install smoke-holes, windows, and air vents to ensure that they receive as much airflow as they can. The majority of the Goblin Nations are located in high mountains and plateaus, and a love of high places and open air has created a very unique style of architecture. Goblin settlements appear to be a series of deceptively-small stone mounds across the countryside. The mudwarrens, while always being one single room, are often surprisingly large.

Purpose / Function

A mudwarren, also known in modern times as a stonewarren, is a goblin home. Goblins, unlike most other races, do not place much value on their homes or possessions. There homes, therefore, tend to be very sparse. What is more important to a goblin is having adequate space for their family and friends to exist in a space of safety at all times. A goblin's home is always open to his kin, no matter how distant and no matter the circumstances. It is a grave insult indeed to be rejected from a goblin home, and to do so is grounds for blood feud, clan reprisal, or the imported orcish tradition of holmgang.
Alternative Names
Owning Organization

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