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Horn Rot

Horn Rot is an affliction that mainly affects elderly minotaur. Men generally have larger horns than women, and are affected more often. Horns, at advanced ages and wear, can become cocvered in minor hairline cracks, which usually is not a problem. If too much moisture seeps in to the cracks, however, the horns can begin growing mould. If this is unchecked for long enough, the inner horn can start rotting away, similar to a tooth cavity. There is no cure, once the degradation has become full-on Horn Rot. The only solution is to remove the horns, which is safe but very painful.

Transmission & Vectors

Moisture and damp environments, combined with improper care for horn exterior over many years.


Moisture and bacteria get lodged into external cracks in the horn structure, replicating and eating the horn material.


Black cracks, inflamed skin around the horns, headaches, horn sensitivity, extreme discolouration. In extreme cases, the horns can actually fall off.


In early stages, horns being submerged in boiling liquid for extended periods of time can kill the bacteria, though the procedure is painful. Later stages can only be cured by removal of the horn.


Horn Rot, in rare cases, can be fatal. The bacterial infection can spread into the skull and cause swelling in the brain, killing the patient. This is only in the most extreme of undiagnosed and untreated cases.

Affected Groups

Horn Rot most often affects old, male minotaurs that exist west of the Tuskpeak Mountains.


Horn hygiene, strength, and treatment usually prevents Horn Rot. It is almost unknown in dry and arid climates.


Horn Rot is most common in the Rainlands, outside of the population centres.

Cultural Reception

Horn Rot is seen as an ailment for the lower classes, and is rarely seen in the educated elite.

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