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Fogdale is a vast swath of destruction left in the wake of the War of Tusk and Horn. A large swath of land between the Minotaur Protectorate to the west and the Tribal Confederacy to the east, Fogdale is a large valley situated between low mountains, opening into a floodplain a few dozen kilometres from the ocean.   Previously the breadbasket of the Careodunum human kingdom to the south, nothing remains of Fogdale but a charred, salted husk. The valley, so important to the functioning of the human war complex, was an early target for the True Folk during the War of Tusk and Horn. The valley was only lightly defended, as at that point in the war the False Folk did not fully grasp the threat they faced.   Sweeping down from the mountains, the allied force of orcs, minotaur, and goblins destroyed the inhabitants of the valley. The battle is still known as The Destruction of Fogdale, and it was more of a slaughter than a battle. Mostly inhabited by farmers, it took no more than a few days to clear the area. The orcs and goblins pushed for enslaving the human noncombatants, but the minotaur who were the primary true folk slaves of the area disagreed and demanded what they considered justice. Not a single False Folk survived, the earth was salted, and the valley was burned.   Fogdale is left fallow in the modern day, as a testament to unchecked brutality. None of the True Folk question the necessity of The War of Tusk and Horn, but many question the honour in butchering tens of thousands of defenseless farmers. A more practical reason to leave the valley fallow, however, is as an example of what happens to those who oppose the sovereignty of the True Folk.


Fogdale is a wide valley between two low mountains several dozen kilometres from the coast. The valley is wide, the weather is mild, and the soil is perfect for farming. Plenty of rivers run through Fogdale, and the land is dotted with several small lakes.   The lakes remain, but they are lifeless and stagnant. The plants have slowly begun to regrow, but progress is slow and only in patches.

Fauna & Flora

Fogdale was, in the past, the centre of a thriving human population. The soil is extremely good for farming, and produced far higher yield than other locations of similar size. Deer, elk, bear and wolves roamed the woods. Pine, fir, and alder dominated the land, with cedars occupying the higher elevations.   None of that still stands.

Natural Resources

The human settlement of Dalerest produced more grain and livestock than any other settlement in the kingdom of Careodunum. The mild weather also allowed for year-round logging, hunting, and fishing. There were no notable mineral deposits in the area, but the exceptional yield of the valley more than compensated.
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