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Cedar Bark

Cedar bark is used by the denizens of the Rainlands. Historically, most items of clothing were made of this material, and this trend continues to this day.   The name of the trees which provide the bark material are of the genus Thuja, which has two species redcedar and cypress which are both known by the common name 'cedar'. After the western redcedar yellow cedar bark was peeled in long strips from the trees, the outer layer was split away, and the flexible inner layer was shredded and processed. The resulting felted strips of bark were soft and could be plaited, sewn or woven into a variety of fabrics that were either dense and watertight, or soft and comfortable.   Women wear skirts and capes of redcedar bark, while men wore long capes of cedar bark into which some mountain goat wool is occasionally woven for decorative effect. Wide-brimmed hats are common, generally woven so tight as to be functionally waterproof. Capes and cloaks of red cedar bark are also common.


Material Characteristics

Cedar bark is extremely pliable reddish-brown material. It is soft once it is woven, and can be woven so tight as to be watertight. Strands are long and wiry, but can be made very pliable via immersion in water and after being beaten to release the fibres.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Cedar bark clothing is coarse to the touch but soft on the inside.


Cedar bark is used for everything from shirts, skirts, pants, hats, cloaks, and any other type of clothing one could imagine. It has also been used as fishing line, rope, and as a dye agent.

Geology & Geography

Red Cedars are found mainly west of the Tuskpeak Mountains, though isolated populations do occur in the mountains themselves.

Origin & Source

Cedar bark clothing comes from the Red Cedar tree.
Like sap and fresh loam.
Red cedar is very toxic to ingest, and is not recommended.

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