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A beetlecart is a cart specifically designed to transport fragile Tuskpeak Beetle larva from place to place. The Tuskpeak Beetles are the backbone of Goblin Nation society, and protecting their young is of the utmost importance. This is why specially-designed transportation was created with their safety in mind.   The beetlecart is more like a series of stacked trays than it is a traditional cart. Each tray is a hand-span deep and the same width as the cart itself. The trays are tightly-packed with straw, mud, manure, and rotting meat. The larva are carefully transferred from their birthing substrate to the cart's substrate, and then the tray is either covered by a heavy layer of waxed canvas, or a second tray. It is important that the materials are packed very tight, as the decomposition needs to generate enough heat to keep the temperature-sensitive larva alive.   The larva will subsist on this material until reaching their destination, wherein they will be transferred into a more permanent substrate for the remainder of their gestational cycle. It is rare that any given larva is attempted to be moved more than once, though it does occasionally happen. Despite most carts carry tens of thousands of larva, only a few will survive to become adult Tuskpeak Beetles.   Beetlecarts, among non-goblins, are viewed with a mix of amusement and repulsion. Literally stuffed with excrement, they are very difficult for non-goblins to interact with. Goblins, with their weak sense of smell, do not generally find an issue with it, though those cursed with a keen sense of smell can find life in the Goblin Nations particularly trying.

Armor and defense

Beetlecarts, due to their valuable cargo, are not generally taken through areas where they might come to harm. When a beetlecart must be put at risk, it is defended by as many armed guards as the owner can afford.
Owning Organization
Beetlecarts are vitally important and need to be created to very exacting specifications. As such, they go for between 50-150 days of labour
250+ kgs
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Tens of thousands of larva

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