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Candy Felt Lichen

Igflem looked around, fear dancing in his watery eyes. He gave himself willingly.   The iron hook of the guards weapon hit him right below his shoulder blade. His family would starve, all per the patron deities request.   He needed to eat, too, of course, and so only the even-numbered people got to live. Hate is a cruel thing. These were the last words swimming in Igflem's head as he left the Lichen Ceremony for what he hoped was a place without it.


The ritual has been nationally observed throughout the Panfellan kingdom since the species developed their venom gland from eating the lichen and nearly becoming extinct. The ritual is believed to thank the creator for the saving of their species from the- now sacred- Candy Felt Lichen, the most common plant in the vicinity of Brine Pools, which are also viewed as sacred and which many Panfellan cities are built around or near.


The oldest member of each household is sent to the nearest brine pool at the end of every month to weigh the extremely common lichen down in a pit with rocks, in alternating layers of plant and stone. During this process, any available ingredients may be added for flavor. It is gathered the month before by the most attractive member of the household, off of giant kelp stalks. There must be two people to each pit. If there are an odd number of people, they are slaughtered without a second thought until there are an even number, as a form of population control. After a week, the entirety of which is spent at the brine pool by the deliverers, the moss is brought back to the center of the city, where the moss brined by the richest families is swapped with those made by the poorest families, quality control to make sure everybody survives. The lichen is poisonous, however, and the Panfellans have long evolved a gland in the top of their throat which stores it to be spat at enemies later.

Components and tools

Candy Felt Lichen, Rocks, Brine Pool.


Deliverer - Oldest member of household. Harvester - Ruler-judged most attractive member of household. Executioner - Those who kill the odd-numbered deliverers.


The ritual happens at the end of every month.
Primary Related Location
Panfella Sacred Brine Pools

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