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Amor Adalfarus

Inspired By World Anvil Summer Camp 2021: "A Romancer, Paramour, or Other Amorous Individual"

Amor Adalfarus was born as the 12th son of a poor noble family in the Vrathen-Gara Dualistic Kingdom. He left home at the age of 14 and journeyed to Glow City to make a name for himself. After he got to the city he joined the Apollo's Guild to make money. He has 7 wives and 2 husbands. He owns a chain of inns within the market ring of the city. The inns are known as the Green Crystal Inns. During his free time which he has much of he spends doing requests for the guild.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

At the age of 5, Amor Adalfarus began his training as a merchant which lasted until he was 14. During this time whenever he had free time he spent it out in the woods training himself in the martial arts.    When Amor Adalfarus reached the age of adulthood at the age of 14 he left his family to make a name for himself. When he reached the Bureaucratic Union of Guilds he overheard people in the [Unnamed Merchants guild] talking about a wealthy trade city called Glow City. It was located on the border of two nations they were the United Barak Pirate Council and the United Commonwealth Council of The Darkswamps. He decided to head there as it was his best chance to make money   Amor Adalfarus's spent 4 years making his way to Glow City. During which he gathered gear, tradegoods and experience in combat and trading.

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