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The Tolana Code of Ethics

The Tolana Code of Ethics is a small, pocket-size physical book, also downloaded on every Tolana’s gauntlet, tablet, or headset. It contains the rules, guidelines, and laws for ethical and moral behavior in Tolana society, abroad, interplanetary travel, and has a recently added section for intergalactic travel. All Tolana are asked to keep the physical book, in case of a technology breakdown.     The Code of Ethics was developed by the Rhetoricians approximately 500 years ago. In communing with their ancestors, the ancestors expressed frustration with the lack of consistency among the Tolana and the Rhetoricians themselves. If everyone behaved more consistently, and all aligned their actions to the same set of values, rules, and laws, then society would function better, thus becoming more effective, efficient, and prosperous.   The Rhetoricians, under the direction of the Grand Eminence, then spent years developing the code of ethics. They started with more specific codifying around the clan ranking system, clarifying activities that would help develop a clan’s prestige and reputation, and also elaborating on actions that could cause a loss of status. This work developed into an overhaul of Tolana laws, rules, and procedures. They revamped the criminal system, developing a strict system for punishment, this dissuading criminal activity. They spelled out expected social customs, greetings, and norms. They charged universities with clarifying their systems for enrollment and graduation, providing more transparency to allow for more to access the opportunities.   The most controversial part of the revamping was establishing the power of the Grand Eminence and their clan. The family had been in power for three generations, and has amassed so much that the Grand Eminence grew concerned. While her ancestors supported this, the overall attitude of the ancestral plane wanted a way to challenge the clan, in case they acted rouge. The Grand Eminence worked with the Rhetoricians to develop a process for challenging the rule of the Grand Eminence and their clan, a process that was enacted, and enforced, with the next generation, and a total of three times in Tolana history.

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