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Griffirca Social Structure

Note: This was moved to keep under the word limit. It is not necessary for the competition   The race is a strict patriarchy but can be fluid depending on one's social status and ancestry. Your position in society is given a point value between -20 - 136 determined by your parent's number and your own. The calculation is simple. Simply add up their totals to receive your own total. Mother's number + father's number + your number = your total.       Your total is your official status in public. For example, a griffirca can't enter certain parts of town without a higher number. Your individual number is made to show your accomplishment to your legacy which is passed to your children. These numbers a given by the griffirca government and treated very seriously. In the general public, the number is more of a generality. High numbers are treated better than others.  


  • Sole authority
  • Born into
  • Males are only at this tier.
  • This consists of only the royal family
  • Females born at this tier are placed in their mother's tier.


  • Assist the royalty.
  • Males are only at this tier.
  • There are a small number in practice
  • They are advisors, mayors, diplomats, etc

Solar Monks

  • Religious and Medical authority.
  • Position is determined by activity within the ministry.
  • Can remove royalty due to their authority.
  • Males hold religious services, perform medical services, and cast blessings.
  • Females train new monks, are midwives, practitioners.

Farmers and Merchants

  • Females and Males are allowed to be either professions.
  • Farmers both cultivate animals and plants.
  • Merchants are generally considered higher in society


  • Males are exclusively physical fighters
  • Females are exclusively ranged fighters
  • Generals and Tacticians are the most valued in this grouping


  • Females are exclusive to this tier
  • Considered unnecessary among their people.
  • Mostly are historians and storytellers


  • While important, this is the lowest of low


  • Any person who is not in the above professions.

Additional Bonuses

These extra values are for situational circumstance.
  • Male +3
  • Wealthy +2
  • Religious +4
  • Parent +1 per child (Max of 10)
  • Criminal Record -(1 - 20) (Varies)
  • Community Respect +(1 - 10)
  Here are some examples. Justinia Fairfax is a griffirca female born into wealth as an only child. She isn't very religious and hasn't had children yet. Her father is a wealthy and somewhat respected merchant. Her mother was a soldier in army and was very pious. Her father's number would be a 20 with a total of 37. Her mother's number would be a 12 with a total of 42.   Now Justinia needs her own number.
  • Scholars +3
  • Female +0
  • Wealthy +2
  • Religious +4
  • Community Respect +(2)
  Her number would be an 11. Her total and final number would be 43. In this scenario she is of higher class then both of her parents even as a female with a weak job. However, her children will be less off then she was. Her mother had more sway her father even though he was more impactful. Hopefully this explained their weird system.

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