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Elemental Dancer

Elemental Dancers are people who have connected themselves to their emotions and found ways to bend and control magic with them. While they may appear to be great combatants, many instead are entertainers and artists.



People who have enough control over their emotion to control the elements are considered elemetrnal dancers. You do not need to use it professionally to receive this title.



They typically provide two main services to the population, either as a fighter or a entertainer.   As a fighter, they are excellent warriors that have many skills in protecting others then hurting others. Due to their magical nature, they can protect other from spells and are great counters to magic users.   As a entertainer, they can many fantastic display of magic and power. The beautiful movements and monition are desired to see by all in the world.
Dancers are not as common in the north compare to the south, but they are desired in all parts of the world. Their nature allows them to be valued to protect themselves from magic.
— Archivist Renna
Alternative Names
Emotion Bender

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