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Giant Snail

Used to carry large amounts of goods for underprivileged "Fallers", Giant Snails have been a trademark of underworld markets for years. Ever since their invention in 1912 by the famous scientist/magi Iric Von Krem, Giant Snails have been the primary source of loading and unloading large amounts of goods in a fascinatingly cheap way. Their slug like form doesn't enter the shell like their smaller brethren's do, thus making them perfect size and shape for carrying and also for makeshift shops.

Basic Information


Giant Snails appear no different from the snail you'd find on your window sill besides the obvious size. Besides that the innards of their shell are hollow as opposed to being full of coiled snail tail. The shell is also significantly harder material and the skin much more durable then their cousin. They come in a variety of colors and designs mostly attained through breeding certain colors with which. Socially they are friendly for the most part but can become hostile if provoked. Their defense mechanism comes in the way of their large head which they can swing at great speed and strength with little to no recoil from the creature.

Genetics and Reproduction

Giant Snails can be male and female. The male has an internal organ in which he pushes outside his lower middle body to impregnate the women snail. The gestation period lasts for a little over 3 months before the female lays an average of a dozen eggs. The eggs take a few weeks to grow inside the females shell and then hatch. Giant Snails have an extremely successful birth rate. In a lot of underworld cultures it is seen as a terrible omen to have a Giant Snail baby die before hatching.

Growth Rate & Stages

The beast of burden grows at an almost alarming rate. By the time it reaches 3 weeks it is larger than a horse and its shell has begun to form from the excess slime it puts off at this age. It will continue to grow until it reaches 5 months where it has fully grown and the shell it has worked so hard to make is fully solid. Giant Snails are only able to reproduce after exiting the maturing stage around 6 months old.

Ecology and Habitats

Being a workhorse animal and also one created from a lab, the Giant Snail is most at home receiving orders and moving with a family. Although they prefer being nearby their kin, they are not lost without them. Giant Snails also have extreme resistance to most environments making them good homes for small families. Fairies, especially, are well known for their Giant Snail houses.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Being a herbivore greatly helps the Giant Snails long life span. It can eat typically anything green as its digestive system is very agreeable to most foods. However, if given meat the snail make attempt to throw it up. If forced to swallow the Giant Snail can become very ill and even die from the reaction it has within itself.

Biological Cycle

The Giant Snail is a stalwart being with little to any surprises. It does not shed past its maturing process, and can handle almost any environment. That being said the Giant Snail, if kept healthy can live somewhere between 40-50 years.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Through the use of its tendrils on its underneath Giant Snails can sense vibrations in the ground and prepare defensively for them if need be.
Scientific Name
Ekretus, Ilo, Parathes
Giant Snails were created in a lab via Iric Von Krem, a brilliant Reptillia scientist.
Conservation Status
The species is under no threats as of late besides misuse from their handlers. That being said, they also fail to fall under conservative efforts as they are a man-made species.

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Jul 23, 2019 12:44

Nice to see someone else with a similar idea to mine! I found your take on using snails for makeshift shops very intuitive, what better for a roving trader.

Jul 23, 2019 21:05 by Dylan

Thank you so much! I thought it was a fun little take on it, feel free to use it :)