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The Arcean Wastes

The Arcean Wastes are a large collection of smaller subregions on the eastern side of the Aricade Mountains of Arcea. Most of the area is a barren land of gray, lifeless soil and no vegetation to speak of, but there are small patches of land comprised of massive fungal growths, resembling trees, flowers, or other flora in a twisted way. Massive storms coat the area, and some of them are more arcane than others. Legends from those who crossed into the Wastes and returned to tell the tale speak of storms that could change a man, drive him mad and twist his flesh until all semblance of humanity is gone, and indeed the native fauna show the marks of this.


While the Wastes are almost entirely barren, some stubborn creatures have managed to make it their home. The almost ubiquitous storms that warp any within have twisted the fauna and fungus alike into hardier but altogether more alien figures, and many animals are forced to subsist off of the fungus found sparsely throughout the Wastes, or snack on the prey unlucky enough to cross the Aricades. At the bottom of all of the present food chains sits the Arcean Rotbloom">Arcean Rotbloom, a strange species of fungus that has adapted to survive the harsh conditions of the Wastes in an interesting fashion. Also present within the ecosystem are the displacer beasts, the Rot Eaters">Rot Eaters, and potentially another species of creature that mimics the Rot Eaters.

Localized Phenomena

The Warped Storms and Warped Mists are phenomena native to the Arcean Wastes, and are more prevalent in the northern Wastes than in the southern. These clouds and storms diffuse across the Wastes, and warp anything that it comes in contact with it. The local flora and fauna have become almost inured to its effects, and have adapted to include it as part of their reproductive or life cycles.


The speculation around why East Arcea looks the way it does is that the 13's arcane magic warped the environment in some way.   Save this sole theory, nothing is known about the history of the Arcean Wastes.
Inhabiting Species

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