Blood Elemental

The trip from Izumo small farming village to the capital was several weeks long. Izumo was tired of traveling, and tired of staying at overpriced inns. He wanted to sell his goods and return home with new tools and supplies. It also didn't help that the Sea of Blood reeked, and a large portion of his trip had to pass by it. Someone needed to make a new road.   Izumo dozed while his bull continued to pull the cart. He awoke when the cart came to a stop. When he looked up he saw the source of the bull's hesitation. A man stood in the road, walking toward Izumo's cart. His movements were stiff and he had a wide gash across his chest.   "Sir, are you okay?" Izumo asked.   The man did not respond, he just kept getting closer. Movements sharp and stiff. The silence concerned Izumo and his movements started to make him nervous. He ushered his bull to start moving backward. The mysterious man started convulsing.   Out of the man's open would blood started to flow with unnatural speed. Izumo was horrified by the quantity of blood that poured from him, more than should have fit in his body. The blood formed a humanoid shape on its own, the corpse falling to the ground without a single drop of blood. Izumo pushed his bull to move faster.   It wasn't fast enough. The Blood Elemental fired two bolts of solidified blood at Izumo. One flew past him, but the other pierced his side. He fell off the cart and gripped his side. The cart started moving more swiftly away from Izumo. Blood started to pool out of his open wound. He started to feel dizzy from the loss of blood.   The last thing Izumo saw before passing out was the odd smile that came across the "face" of the Blood Elemental. It was two bodies full of blood it would obtain that day.

Basic Information


Blood Elementals do not have a skeletal structure, nor do they have a defined shape. Much like Water Elementals they can flow like water, although since they are made of blood it is more viscous.

Biological Traits

A Blood Elemental has the ability to control the coagulation of its body by either forcing it or reversing it. It does this in extreme ways to harden parts of its body. It uses this ability to form weapons. One such way is to form spikes inside its body and fire them at a range. Its goal with this is to open a wound on a creature to gain access to its blood.

Genetics and Reproduction

Blood Elementals form in large pools of blood that have an incredibly high concentration of magic in the area. They can also be created by using blood that was once part of a Blood Elemental in a ritual.

Ecology and Habitats

Blood Elementals thrive wherever there are other creatures that can bleed or areas of high concentration of blood (like the Sea of Blood).

Dietary Needs and Habits

Blood Elementals are always hunting for more blood. They have the ability to inject itself into a body, slowly taking over all of the blood within it and controlling the creature until it erupts.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The blood of a Blood Elemental can be used as a base to create another Blood Elemental.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Abyss

At the base of the Savage Slopes there is the Lake of Blood. This is the collection of all the blood that Kagaath, Demon Lord of the Hunt has spilled in his hunts. The Abyss is naturally more magical than the Inner Planes making it more likely for Blood Elementals to naturally form.  


In South Noshotan, the Suseki Wall is divided by the Sea of Blood. It is here that the blood red sea has a chance to form a Blood Elemental. This can occur during intense magical battles that take place near or over the Sea of Blood.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Blood Elementals have the ability to see in the dark.

Civilization and Culture


From the Abyss' sea of blood
Genetic Ancestor(s)


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